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  1. Sadly it is impossible to run the owned for an unlimited time. It will soon become insecure, php will need upgrading or third party plugins will need to be upgraded. I feel let down by you and the rest of the company after many years. I can't even manage to upgrade to the latest version, despite having an active package 😞
  2. Thanks. Sadly I am getting to old for this. I suspect I will simply shut up shop. I can't even get the latest version to install and so am out of my depth. I just downloaded it, but my last attempt to install went wrong and I had to restore my backup. So much for all the money I have spent over the years
  3. Sadly I can't find an alternative that links to Nominet - so despite having an owned licence it looks like I will have to stay 😞
  4. I am very confused by the email that says that WHMCS is no longer supporting owned copies. What are our options? Why is there no warning? Very confused?
  5. Can't find any time setting locally. Configuration.php doesn't have a setting no local php.ini file If I use terminal into the server and run date it is correct if I use terminal directly into the account it is correct date Fri Sep 28 12:45:34 BST 2018 However WHMCS is running on GMT and not BST so everything is run an hour late. It is not showing the server time or the account time - both of which are the same. It has to be WHMCS - I think!
  6. How can I prevent new accounts, yet allow existing accounts to register domains? I don't really want any new customers. Yet, I need existing customers the ability to register domains etc.
  7. Thanks. However my server time is correct. I connected via a terminal and ran the date command to double check. It is WHMCS that is one hour behind. Odd.
  8. 5.6 doesn't help too much 😉 44 incompatible 116 encoding compatibility unknown However, I'll check out going back to 5.6 to see how we go.
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