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Invoice / Quote text line that shouldn't have a 0 as amount and discount column only when needed


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We've come across these 2 issues often and both are undesirable and often lead to issues.


1) We sometimes need to just add a line of text to an invoice or quote to explain something or to subdivide sections but both invoice and quote will add a 0 as value which is sloppy to say the least as it's a text thing, not a product.

We remove the 0, but obviously it's put back.


Please advice on how to stop that or make it possible to not enter a value.


2) On the Quotes the discount column is always shown.


We've had plenty of situations we're we send the clients a quote and they give us hassle as they ask us, because they see that column, why we didn't give them any discount on top of the quote.


We feel it should only be shown to the client if we would want it, so perhaps a tick box to enable / show it?

Or, if no values are entered it automagically won't show to the clients and on the prints/pdfs?

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I updated my quotepdf.tpl template file, to not show the "Discount" column if no line items have discounts. If any of the line items have discounts, it will display. I can send you the updated template file, if you PM me your email address.

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Hi Sean and yes, I would love to have that and have a look at how you did that (still think it should be default behaviour though ;-) )

I'll IM you. (coudln't answer before as the forum didn't let me p[ost for some reason)

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