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whmcs vat addon doesn't validate the VAT


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as a test, I just tried our VAT number when ordering - it failed; I then tried WHMCS's VAT number - that got rejected too.. but tried both numbers on the VIES website and they worked! :twisted:


it was only after I spotted the WHMCS VAT number on the bottom of their website, that I saw they put GB in front of it - when I retried both VAT numbers with GB in front, they were accepted by the order-form. :idea:


I just dug out our old VAT letter from the tax authorities in the UK, and there is no "GB" in front of our VAT Number - other EU countries may add the correct code to their letters though.


therefore, you must need to add the 2-letter code for the member state (country) before the VAT number when submitting it on the order-form... looking at the VIES online form, it looks like it expects 2 things - the country code and the VAT number - WHMCS only seems to send the VAT Number, so unless you add the country code to the VAT number when submitting, it will get rejected.


logically, it would make sense if the EU VAT Addon automatically added the country code if it's missing from the submitted field, but for now i've modified our VAT Number custom field description to explain they need to add the country code.


the documentation - http://docs.whmcs.com/EU_VAT_Addon - makes no reference to needing the country code - although if other EU countries include the country code in their VAT numbers, that might be irrelevant.

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Hi John,


Yes, you need to enter the country letter code in front of your VAT number - just like on the VIES website.

yes, but remember that there will be WHMCS users from outside the EU now that are using this addon who may be unfamiliar with EU VAT rules and number formats - therefore, I would suggest it could do no harm to edit the EU VAT Addon documentation page to mention that there is a need for the country code to be included in the number when submitting it.

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