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Site in maintenance mode, can't even login as admin.


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Subject gives the problem; the cause? I was logged in as administrator, then opened another tab to do some banking. I connected to a vpn to do the banking, while still logged into WHMCS (headslap). When I disconnected from the vpn I found I couldn't reach the whmcs login page - it kept sending me to my redirect page.


I still have cpanel access and through it WHM (not WHMCS).


Is there a way I can regain access/turn off maintenance mode via either cpanel or WHM, without having to login to WHMCS?



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  • WHMCS Support Manager


You will still be able to access the WHMCS admin login page even in maintenance mode. If however you've added some extra kind of redirect (with a .htaccess file for example) and that's blocking your access to the admin area, then you'd need to disable that server-side first.

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Hi John, thanks for getting back to my.


Ordinarily you're right of course, but the fact is I *can't* get to the dashboard. I haven't set .htaccess to redirect so I'm pretty much stuck on this one. How exactly does the maintenance mode work? I know it sets the database field to "On" but does it add a redirect to the .htaccess or the index page?


I did use phpMyadmin to update the switch to off (""); but come to think of it maybe I should have deleted the redirect site as well?!?


Anywho, after trying, together with the helpful techies at Smart Hosting, to get into the dashboard for 2 days, I've finally given up and asked them to reinstall it for me.


I'd sure like an answer to this though - it bus the sh1t out of me not knowing ;-)





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  • 8 years later...

I'm have the same issue. I checked enable maintenance mode in WHMCS general settings. It does state that this only for the Client area. But now when I go to my WHMCS login screen and login, it immediately redirects me to Err(3) down for maintenance. again I know it says its only for the client area and I've confirmed I'm using my WHMCS login url not my client area url. I even get to the WHMCS login screen sometimes (after clearing cache) but the second I click login, I get the maintenance screen again.

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