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Duplicate Configurable Options


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Hey guys

View that after spending some time searching for somehow identical issue without any result, I thought that this thread could be the most closest one.

Strange situation: while switching currency, the configurable options are displayed twice. Switching back to another currency (3 -> EUR), the dropdown goes back to normal, displaying correct options, once at the time (ie: OS choice, extra IPs, control panel, extra RAM on dedi server). Using default product link (and default currency), all items are displayed twice.

Most probably the fix could be very simple but I really can't 'see' it ATM.

What am I missing? :?:

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What am I missing? :?:

it doesn't look like a template issue as even when you change the template, it still occurs... also, it doesn't seem to affect all products.. e.g some reseller products seem to work fine, but there is a problem with "Servere Dedicate Quad Core - Server Dedicat QC 2"... i'm seeing the configuration options displaying twice.


my advice would be to take a look at the configuration option setup used with the dedicated server products and compare them to those used in the reseller products... there must be an error in the dedicated server configuration options and hopefully you will see it when comparing it with the reseller configuration options.

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I've split this into ta new thread as it was not related to the OP.


@Experthost: What you're experiencing here suggests you have duplicate entries for your configurable options inside the tblpricing table. Running a quiery on your databas elike this should resolve that for you:


CREATE TABLE tbltemporarytable LIKE tblpricing;
INSERT INTO tbltemporarytable SELECT * FROM tblpricing GROUP BY type, currency, relid ORDER by id
ALTER TABLE tblpricing RENAME tbloriginalpricing;
ALTER TABLE tbltemporarytable RENAME tblpricing;

This will leave you with a backup table tbltemporarytable which can you delete once you've confirmed the issue is resolved.

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