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Attaching files to clients


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We are looking for an addon that will allow us to attach files such as PDF's or jpg's to clients accounts or better yet to individual products.


I found one under the WHMCS "Project Management Addon" but the search function within WHMCS and on the addon site is less then stellar. If I search "attachments" which right in the description of the addon above, I get no matches. I don't want to miss a hidden gem somewhere so decided to ask here.




Thanks in advance



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Hi Arthur,


there are a couple of built-in options that you might want to look at first...





  • The files section in a clients profile allows you to upload files specific to that customer
  • This can be used for documents, agreements or other downloads specific to the individual
  • Files can be set as Admin Only to only be viewed by admins, otherwise they show on the Client Area Homepage for the client to be able to download
  • Files are uploaded to the /attachments directory and can be added and managed from the Client Summary page in the admin area

if you wanted to add them to individual products, the easiest way might be to use a different welcome email template for each product... then when you create the email template, you can add attachments applicable to that product.



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OK... so this is exactly what we are looking for... but... Oh wow.


If it was a bear it would have eaten us. 2 of us could not see it.


Do I get some kind of award for the dumbest question of the year? I hope the forum admins show mercy and delete this thread.


Thanks for showing me the obvious Brian.



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