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Logo does not work in email and PDF


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I am setting up WHMCS and have sent a few test invoices. The logo spot in the email shows a broken image icon and the PDF shows the placeholder image.


I have added my logo as logo.png and logo.jpg to the images directory. Also just as an experiment renamed placeholder.png to see if I can at least make it go away. I also went to invoicepdf.tpl and changed the logo width to match the width of my image.


None of these things seem to make a difference. What am I doing wrong?


On a side note, why can't I find a forum search bar to see if this question has been asked before?:?:

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Thanks for the reply Brian!


I cleared the template cache and my browser cache and the pdf logo is still not working. I made the email logo work by putting the logo in a directory of a different website and pointing to it in the general settings menu. any other ideas?

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can you view your logo on your server by using its direct link in the browser - i'm wondering if the file got corrupted on upload and needs to be uploaded again.


Actually, that seems to be the problem. The url is http://billing.seawingdesigns.com so the path to the image should be http://billing.seawingdesigns.com/images/logo.png which gives a 404 but so do all the other images in the directory.


Am I wrong about the path?

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Part of it will be that .png (we use PNG 8 ) images don't work for some reason. We had to add a special .jpg logo version solely for the PDF invoices. If the .jpg copy doesn't show up either I have no idea though.


Thanks for that tip. It looks like I am experiencing a server problem, so even when I use a jpg file it doesn't work. I am working with my server to sort it out. I will be back with the results.

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I have now solved the issue. It has to do with the cpanel and using a subdomain and using sftp and being on a new hosting company. Sorry I can't be more specific for others who are reading this looking for help, but I am still sorting things out with the hosting company.

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