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  1. Never mind. I found the answer in another thread.
  2. Actually I found it. How do I remove credit from a client's account?
  3. Hello, I just sent a $600 invoice to a client. When he went to pay it using PayPal a $200 credit was applied to the invoice, so he was only charged $400. I did not put that credit on his account. I also noticed that previous invoices had credits applied to them on his account, but I was sure that I received payment. I looked back through paypal and I was not paid for these invoices. Any ideas how this happened? Thank you.
  4. Thank you very much! that worked!
  5. I am getting a lot of contact form spam and would like to just remove the contact form. Does anyone know how to do that?
  6. Thank you, it was because I was using a gmail address. I switched it to a domain address and now it doesn't give the warning. Thanks!
  7. Hello, When I receive a copy of an invoice email that I send out to a client, Gmail has this warning: "This message may not have been sent by: se**********s@gmail.com Learn more Report phishing" Why am I seeing this message? Do my clients see this message? How do I stop that from happening? Thanks. Jason
  8. Hello, I am having a problem with invoicing. I will send out an invoice and it will be numbered something like #259. The client pays it, and when they get the receipt, the number will have changed to something like #113. This is confusing for the client, and when I am reviewing paid and unpaid invoices with them it further confuses things. In addition, it makes me look very unprofessional. Please help me fix this issue. Thanks, Jason
  9. I have a client that I sent an invoice to and they say they did not get the invoice. I tried changing their email address to a different one they use and they still don't get it. I had them check their spam filter which they say is empty. they get email from my regular email account if I send a test. If I send an invoice to the test account that has my address, I get the email. Where else can I check to troubleshoot?
  10. I get the pop up when I go to the index page, I see it in the side bar, and I see it when I go to Help> check for updates. I just downloaded it again and tried the upload. the upload went fine, but still no sign of version change. Is there another way to see if anything has been changed?
  11. I do believe that I overwrote all of the files. there were no errors when I loaded the files. I just did it again to be sure. The only thing in templates_c is an index.php file. I also tried clearing my browser cache and domain cookies just in case. It is still showing the old version number and saying an update is available. By hard refresh, you mean in the browser correct?
  12. Hello, I just attempted to use the upgrade patch from 5.3.6 to 5.3.7. I uploaded the files but the version did not change. The only suggestion I saw was to check the file permissions, I looked at the permissions and did not see anything amiss. I didn't change any permissions as I don't want to create a security problem by accident. Is there anyone else that has had this issue? What can I do to fix it?
  13. Hello, when I do a large web project for a client, I generally take a 1/3 down payment, 1/3 at the end of the design phase, and the remainder upon completion. Is there a way to break up the invoice this way from the quote? Or, can a client make a partial payment via paypal to an existing invoice?
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