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Hacking Attempts Help - Upgrade Question


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I am using WHMC 5.0 version. About 12 hour ago I noticed hacking attempts as announced here http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?79527-October-3rd-2013-Security-Patch-Follow-Up&p=339519#post339519.


I then tried to upgrade my install base. I realized my annual support contract is expired. When tried to pay for it both credit cards declined. No good reason why?


I then opened an urgent billing ticket to sort this problem but it's been 12 hour approx that I am waiting for any sort of response. My WHMCS is kept down until I get the upgrade sorted.


My question.


1. What should be average response to such an urgent issue?

2. Why do customers have to pay for get security fixes? I don't want to upgrade to latest WHMCS since my current install works just fine. If I have to upgrade due to security problem should not that be free?



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Generally support questions get answered pretty quickly these days, but yours is a billing issue. In general billing support is slower and only during regular business hours, but I haven't had any billing tickets here so can't say how WHMCS is.


As for the need to pay for the upgrade? I had to pay as well since my support was expired on that license. Though I was disappointed to have to leave the version I was on, I get the whole "EOL" for software premise. You can't support all versions forever.

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  • WHMCS Support Manager


I see your Licensing ticket opened at 19:00 yesterday was answered at 11am this morning.


Free security patches were made available for the long term support and active development series. As 5.0 is end of life, no patch is available so you'd need to use the full release to upgrade - which does require active support & updates on an owned licence.


If I can clarify anything further, please let me know.

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