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Duplicating a group in Configurable Option fails


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I would have thought that if I clicked Duplicate a Group in Configurable Options Groups that it would also create the all the configurable options that I built. What it does however is just create the group and when I go into it there are no options at all. What is weird is if I click Add New Configurable Option button every single item from all the other options are massed together into one long list. If I click save changes it empties everything and gives me a blank new slate to create the options. Now even if I create a completely new group and try and click add new configurable option everything comes up from all my other options and I have to save to get to a blank page. Now I am afraid to do anything because it is obvious something is very, very wrong with this!


I could not even find anything about this in the documentation.

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  • WHMCS Support Manager


I can confirm the options within the group, including all the prices should be duplicated - just tested this in v5.2.7. So it sounds like there's an issue with your installation.

Try removing your mods/addons and check the server logs when you're trying to duplicate a configurable option. Hopefully that'll shed some light on the matter.

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Thanks John, what steps do I need to take to get a developer key so I can run these test through a development environment instead of on the site I am trying to build that will go live? I have disabled all the addons I can and tested but I am running WHMCS through JWHMCS in Joomla so that addon I cannot shut down. I would much rather test all this in an environment where all that is installed is the WHMCS core. That way I can troubleshoot knowing that there is nothing else in the way and will be able to identify a server issue much easier. Is it possible to install WHMCS in a sub directory with the key I have or is it coded so that only one copy can run on a key?


There is talk that I have been reading that because WHMCS is using so much legacy code servers like mine that are trying to keep up to date and secure are having issues with it. If I can identify which legacy code is causing my issue I can then address those files and correct them. I would much rather bend the software to work with my system than I would bend the server to work with the software, since everything else is running without any issue and I do not want to cause an issue just to make WHMCS happy. I 90% sure that there is nothing wrong with my configuration and with all the other applications that run on it this is the only one I have tried that is having these issues. Of course that is not to say I am right but when dealing with legacy code I will side with my configuration before I side with outdated software

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