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Remove domains from configure domains page in cart


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I have this problem with the configure domains page in the cart: cart.php?a=confdomains


Customers will add a domain that they don't want to register, but they can't remove it until they go forward with the order.


If the domain has additional fields (mandatory), they can't go forward either.


Longer explanation:


1. Customer picks a bunch of domain extensions to register.

2. Customer will see that .es domains have a lot of additional info to fill out, and decides he can do without that domain.

3. Customer goes back and forth but the domain is still in the cart.

4. Customer can't go forward until he fills out the mandatory additional domain fields.


I have tried adding the "remove" code from the viewcart.tpl page but it doesn't work in configuredomains.tpl.


Any ideas?

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Hi simplejoe,


ill take a stab in the dark at this one,


when you have a product within the cart and you can see the little "remove from cart" link under say a domain name..



<a href="#" onclick="removeItem('r','{$num}');return false" class="cartremove">[{$LANG.cartremove}]</a>


i'd be inclined to see if you can add this option somewhere before the customer hits the actual cart, perhaps on /cart.php?a=confdomains since that stacks multiple domain names if the cust searches multiples


im sure someone else or maybe yourself could craft a more elegant way to make that happen.. take a look through the code, youll see examples of what i mean.



hope this helps




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I tried getting that idea to work yesterday for 20 mins on configuredomains and got absolutely nowhere - though perhaps I was having an off day! :twisted:


short-term solution might be to use ajaxcart as that has a working remove button - it's not ideal though as while it removes the chosen domain from the cart, it doesn't remove it from the configdomains section of the page... although those fields are no longer required to be filled, that is probably not obvious to the user...


perhaps the new v6 templates will have this as an option...

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yeah ive been looking at this one too, a simple possiblity could be to use the "view cart" buttons on certain pages IF the cust is logged in to a valid account.. (this is already there on some pages though i dont think it has the "if logged in" check by default, thats not hard to sort out) that would get a customer to the cart to review and remove. We'd just need to be able to return to last page (where possible) and a button presented to nav this maybe on the cart ..


Its kind of adding some more nav buttons i guess and offering the ability to transit back and forth along the purchase / products cart thingy .. if that makes any sense.. ;)


i dunno im just trying to keep it simple .. lol


re: templates in v6, yeah im keen as mustard, to see what they look like....should be good




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