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  1. ok, the update has been achieved all seems ok at first glance ... just FYi guys ... before doing any upgrade TURN OFF ANY cloud flare type caching, and I mean, make sure even your browser has no residue caching as well.. else you'll get this error type because it tries to run the changes and then times out half way through.. "/whmcs/resources/sql/upgrade600alpha1.sql: Table 'tblupdatehistory' already exists" if you see this, you pretty much have to drop your old database and re import it in to SQL again, and take another go at the "install" script from the whmcs 6.x full installer, it will take a while but if you don't have any caching involved it should eventually come out the other side all good. anyhow .. hope this helps someone .. my issue was, i was trying to do it old school manual hands on approach because the wheels fell off halfway through.. don't !! .. just make a copy of your current working 5.x database and go from there using the installer. the changes between 5 and 6 are to different to even go through the pain of doing it hands on .. Cain
  2. Hey Brian, EDIT: NM, I'm on to it ... lol cheers for the details, reviewing in detail now Cain
  3. yeah i figured that, but are you using a fresh new database ? or are you trying to use an old database? if its new i'd chalk it up to a shonky install and try again from scratch, if not and your trying to use an old database, well there are a few changes that i was trying to point out previously in another post. i'd give it another reinstall and see how that goes. Cain
  4. ohkay, obviously no love from this end.. ticket created... Cain
  5. what version did you upgrade from ? Cain
  6. noted: "As this is a major version update, only a full version is being made available. There is no incremental upgrade for users of the latest 5.3 release." source: http://docs.whmcs.com/Version_6.0_Release_Notes Again that's cool ... that just underlines my point of the difference between the installs and the databases,.. again no problem i can understand that.. but, at the very least give us something if your not going to provide us with some kind of database migration tools or info ... what was actually changed database wise?, so we can migrate without issue from 5.x to 6.. or is that the actual point I'm missing here ? pre developed, support issues, coincidently right before a support renewal pricing upgrade ? help me out here guys, this is starting to look pretty dodgy .... Cain
  7. ok guys after much hacking and slashing through the databases, i think i have come to a somewhat clear understanding of the amount of change database wise between 5.x and v6/6.x for the most i can salvage most of the old database and bring it into the new 6 .. yeah i can see its different in various area's.. that's understandable.. what i was wondering is, after looking through the patch downloads, the jump seems significant between 5 to 6, but i don't actually see any incremental patch for this between 5 and 6 .. ? unless I'm missing something here ? my point is even if you wanted to do an incremental upgrade from 5 to 6, the changes seem to be that different within the database, that it almost appears to force you to want to do a full clean install upgrade. (in the end, ending up back where i started about doing a clean install again..) the only problem im having is the actual changes made within the tblproducts table ..there is info removed and put else where in other tables.. that's fine, but where is the incremental update / upgrade for those actual changes ? or are you expecting everyone to be using a faulty database ? if someone knows what im going on about some feed back would be nice .. im referring to the changes between databases eg: tblproduct table's' between 5 and 6.. where is the actual update for those changes ? did you expect people to do a clean install, if so .. again where are the database changes or tools to help us bring our old database historical info across ? edit: just for those having troubles understanding what im talking about ... i see "Incremental Patch Set" on 2nd Jun 2015 for version --> 5.3.14 then i see NO Incremental Patch FROM 5.3.14 to v6.0.0 so .. how are the database changes made without a clean install ? would this not be a reason as to why so many are having issues with the upgrade? at what point have the new changes been made to the actual database, outside of a clean reinstall? cheers Cain
  8. Hey guys, i just cant seem to pin point the issue with this upgrade, i have tried recreating the an old order, i have also tried re creating a new order ... doesnt seem to want to play the game .. image below.. any suggestions would be great, everything else in regards to client historical data seems to be working great, even the client domains .. it just seems to be the link between cpanel and whmcs, i have also checked the server setups as well, and its all working np. *UPDATE* hmm, ok changed the GUID and ID within a test product table, for some reason it snapped back to life... some cleaning up to do but it seems to be heading in the right direction ... brb Cain
  9. Hi Taylor, have you checked the directory permissions perhaps? Cain
  10. i managed to resolve the goofy looking order form template issue via resetting and rebuilding the default tbl_configuration table from default v6, its still using the default old orderform template but at least it doesnt look as out of sync to the rest of the v6 six template now .. just looking deeper into the link between that "Service ID Not Found" whmcs to cpanel issue.. if anyone knows what table that's held in would be handy i really dont want to resetup "order" each client again ... omgerd .. ;P "is there a way to "resend" an order to cpanel without actually making any serious changes? just so whmcs knows about the product ID etc ?" Cain
  11. Hi guys, please excuse me if i sound like im being negative about the new v6.. im not .. im just having one of those days i guess After a clean install of v6, and a successful import of the client info SQL data, all seems to be ok, the issue im having it seems the client records and historical data are all intact, their domain info is correct etc, however when i go to review the client product / service tab I don't see anything apart from "Service ID Not Found" .. the import from cpanel, just doesnt work, it just pulls and creates new client records ... which in any normal case would probably be great, but not here .. its just causing more problems which i cleaned up .. i already know trying to do a clean install and then trying to move old client data in to this new install is probable cause for this nightmare in the making .... but why haven't we got some kind of "data base upgrade" tools included within whmcs .. it only has a very limited back up option .. I could only imagine people with a lot of clients would be pulling their hair out at the thought of a clean install...? are there any SQL whmcs tools available at all for this type of thing ? one other thing that i feel extremely disappointed about with v6 is the lack of any new order form template to go along with the new SIX template .. that kind of made it look half done... even though i know that sure you can create your own .. it just seemed as if its half baked for the money i paid for it .. Anyhow if someone could point out the reason why that "Service ID Not Found" issue is popping up so i can fix it, that would be great, else i'm going back to the old 5.x until the dust settles with v6, Cain
  12. Hey guys, im ready to do an upgrade from 5.x.x to 6, from what i can see the changes are pretty dramatic. i would assume that a clean install would be in order (the main reason is i have always had a problem with auto billing for all clients and to this day have had to do it all manually each month).. so the real question is.. if i do a clean fresh install of v6, can i maintain or transfer my current client historic info across, for those who have gone down this road, are the changes within v6 that epic that there is some kind of DB tools to help you with this upgrade in regards to client historical information ? or am i reaching to far and expecting to much change here? in the end i would like to have a clean install of v6 with all my old historic client info.. is this possible and if so how ? as usual thank you for your time. Cain
  13. Hey guys, hope your all doing well, I'm looking at working on a project with a framework which I'm sure you've all heard about "Codeigniter" anyhow the idea is to use Codeigniter as the front end (instead of wordpress etc) this way we get more freedom as to what we can do with it from a development standpoint. I have done a scan through the forums, and I don't see any real efforts for using Codeigniter with whmcs (unless I missed it) I was wondering if anyone has any info or experience going down this path in regards to linking Codeigniter up to whmcs. I'd also be interested in any whmcs API info I should be specifically looking at in regards to talking to whmcs from Codeigniter (much like you see when you are using wordpress and whmcs via the whmcs bridge) I know I'm probably biting of more than I can chew but that's just how I roll, I'm a big eater, and I'm determined to make it happen. any suggestions or links would be greatly appreciated. thanks for your time, Cain
  14. Resolved, For those who might have an issue with something like this in the future, the problem was resolved by running an INSERT into the SQL, as follows .. (*** PLEASE NOTE DONT DO THIS IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT *** you run the possible chance of trashing your whmcs DB) INSERT INTO tblconfiguration VALUES('APIAllowedIPs', ''); INSERT INTO tblconfiguration VALUES('APIAllowedIPs', ''); this seemed to reset the crud that was within the box, causing all kinds of grief when trying to make API calls to the whmcs system .. hope this helps someone .. Cain
  15. Hi guys, just a quick question, in this picture can anyone please confirm that by default these two boxes are meant to be clear of any content (unless of course you add something, in this case i have not) i have tried to delete the content within the API access box but it doesnt do anything, im wondering if the table or whatever in the DB is broke. if so, can someone please point out which table this info would reside in so that i can resolve this and reset it back to default.. thank you for your time Cain
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