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When is the iPhone App going to be next updated?


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I've read a couple things that suggest the 'iPhone App Update is with Apple' but that was back in April and hard to believe. Indeed its now the 7th of July 2013 and the Apple store suggests the latest update was 7th of December 2011!


Specifically "... However the individual apps are still in development - in fact an update to iWHMCS is pending approval from Apple at the moment. -John" on the WHMCS blog post about the new mobile edition, found here: http://blog.whmcs.com/news.php?t=71499


I appreciate that you're developing the mobile edition as it's cross platform but not updating an App is basically failing to understand the key point of an App, especially when it is paid-for and suggestions of 'a discount' if you buy the mobile edition and mention having the app isn't really sufficient.


Just to be clear, it works reasonably well but having Push Notifications on support tickets seems to be the primary request and would significantly add value to the app. It also seems iPhone5 users are having issues.


Hence my question is, what is gong on? Have you stopped development on the iPhone App? And not to be too hopeful, is there an iPad app in plan ... it would be great to get more out of the screen.


I (and probably everyone else) looks forward to what you've got to say on the subject, or please point me in the right direction ... I wasn't able to find anything by searching the forum.

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John, thanks for the update and merlinpa1969 yeah was aware of Prowl which is good as a temporary solution though I agree with Aniruddh that this needs to be something done by WHMCS.


Back to the main issue of no update since Dec 2011, perhaps if push notifications are too difficult then sorting out bugs like those just mentioned by Corcorlee or adding new features might be an idea? Surely it's going to get worse with iOS7 in Sep?


Regarding push notifications though, has it really taken 1 1/2 years to not manage to develop this? They're not exactly a new feature of iOS and if it's a stumbling block then at least updating everything else would make customers feel cared about.


What I'm asking for and believe many others are too is a concrete update, eg. 'Push notifications are proving tricky, we are updating the iPhone App (and perhaps making an Android one? [apologies if you've done this and I've missed it]) and the next update will be in August 2013 focussing on bug fixes, iPhone 5 screen size and speed improvements'.

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Any news about the iWHMCS app? I'm really interested and the pricetag of $39,- is really good. But does it support iOS 7? And does it support the iPad yet? Is it difficult to convert the design to an iOS 7 environment?

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Appears to be a complete waste of money, can't recommend it at all. Years of broken promises and assurances that an update is just around the corner, but nothing yet. Doesn't work for me in any way on iOS7.


The Android app isn't much better, the mobile html version is pretty useless and has been in beta for a year or more, the project management app kinda works but hasn't seen an update in years. Are you sensing a pattern here...?

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