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Problem with invoicing


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I ve been all day sitting down and trying to sort out WHMCS invoices with my accounting company.


So there seems to be problem with invoicing logic of WHMCS.


There is 2 problematic scenario.





Customer gets invoices as below


INVOICE #1 - £10

INVOICE #2 - £10

INVOICE #3 - £10


Then customer decides to pay for all invoices at once so he tick all boxes click on pay link Then system creates another invoice

INVOICE #4 - £30


Once customer pays £30 we get £60 worth of invoices ticked as paid.


So WHMCS showing £60 worth of invoices for £30 worth of sales.


But this does not happen when invoices paid indivudually.





Customer add funds £30.00 to his WHMCS account then system adds invoice for adding funds

INVOICE #1 - £30

So WHMCS considers we had a sale for £30.00 and invoice created. Also customers balance topped up by £30.00


Customer gets invoiced every month for £10, 3 months in a row

INVOICE #2 - £10

INVOICE #3 - £10

INVOICE #4 - £10

All this invoices are paid from customers credit balance.


But we end up again with £60 worth of sales where actual sales are £30



So my accountants had to go trough 1300 invoices to clear this discrepancies as we are preparing for end of year accounts.


I am not sure if it is an error or simply a setting in WHMCS i need to fix. Prepayments are not sale and they are credit to customers account and not a sale to be invoiced. Same goes with multi-invoice payments.

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I'm having the issue you are having in scenario #1 (maybe #2 as well, but it hasn't come up). Before we updated it would set those invoices to $0 and call them paid. Now it leaves them with the full value and marks them paid with credit. I also had a client receive invoices receipts for the mass pay and the individual items. If you look into it you can see the individual items were paid with credit, but it is quite startling at a glance.


I'm also not sure if there is some setting that got trampled or if this needs a fix. Has anyone found a way to stop this?

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  • WHMCS Support Manager


You will notice the total of the original invoices is reduced to 0.00 as they were paid by credit added when the client paid the mass pay invoice. So the total of all the 4 invoices issued is still £30.00.


It's necessary to create an additional invoice when adding funds like this because some payment gateways (including PayPal and 2CheckOut) require a unique invoice ID in order to process a payment.

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That addresses one issue John, But it doesnt address the primary issue which is our system accounting reflecting payment value of double what is actually received.


The three original invoices should be marked as something else rather than marked as paid.


Have them marked as merged and provide id of the new invoice and take them out of the system accounting flow so only the new invoice is taken into the system accounting. That way there will be full traceability of all invoices and accounting will be correct also.


I have never had this come up as i dont provide seperate invoices so i dont know how it works, but im assuming the new invoice has lines reflecting each of the previous invoices? or are they product lines from each of the invoices? i think the first way would be better.

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Agreement from me too - this is a really skewed scenario. I'm assuming that disabling the "Mass pay" option in setup will stop this from happening. The "Mass pay" merged invoice is not something I ever want to see on my system again.


The other problem with invoicing I'm having is when a customer invoice is created, say for a monthly billed service. The customer rings and says "I want to pay quarterly starting right now." Can I figure out how to raise a credit note for the invoice that's currently outstanding? NOPE! :(

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