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help with HTTP 500 internal server error


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Two thoughts that might or might not help (if the latter, my apols);


a.) this error can often be related to permission problems with folders/files.


b.) are you running/testing on localhost? Sometime "things" just don't "work" on localhost, this might be one of them. I'd suggest testing on a live server and using a sub-domain.

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Nothing in the apache error log RE 500 errors.....


Yeah, I've seen 500 errors related to permissions before.......


It's installed on a live production system of mine with about 50 or so other domains on it.....


What I don't get is..... every other part of WHMCS I go into seems to work..... only seems to be a problem with Payment Gateways - Why?


I've even tried to re-install it a few times - then I get 'License Invalid'...... I'm blowed if I can find how to 'reissue your license from the WHMCS client area' ?? (maybe not able to with a trial?)

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thanks everyone, but I'm not getting very far.....


I've just purchased the whole thing / owned / no branding and installed it again on another server and get to the same step (2.Setup your Payment Gateways (Setup > Payment Gateways)) / with the same problem....


I've been looking at logs and not finding anything to help - what now ?

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  • WHMCS Support Manager

The free trial is 100% fully functional. The issue on the Payment Gateways page is not related to the Ioncube issue on the General Settings page.


As this is a 500 internal server error it must be logged somewhere on your server. Unfortunately the very nature of these errors it prevents any internal WHMCS error logging from taking place.

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Ok, so I'm looking at logs again to try and get some more detail on this 500 error...


What should my 'LogLevel' be set at so this error will show in the logs?


its logging because if I cause a 404 I get.....


[Wed Aug 04 07:39:44 2010] [error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] File does not exist: /webserver/roothtdocs/memberzone/foome


in the error log..... but the 500 error..... nothing shows in the log......

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My LogLevel is set to "warn" and it displays any/all 500 ISE's without any problems. Something is different with your configuration that is causing the errors to not show. Have you check any other logs on the system to see if its getting logged somewhere else?


Really, until you can get your web server to properly log the error, no one is going to be able to help you.

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Well, it's 1:40am here in Oz and I sould get some sleep..... but I'M SO EXCITED.....


I didn't quite work out what the issue is/was with one of my servers but I can confirm it works on Mac OS X so I'm very happy....


Basically, (as a test on another Mac) installled Mac OS X (10.6.4), MAMP Pro 1.9 and WHMCS and bang! its all working......


So now I'll just order a new Mac tomorrow / today and run it up for production.


Thanks to all that helped.

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