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HOWTO: Update Customer Domain Pricing in Bulk

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  • WHMCS Support Manager

With the Verisign Wholesale .com and .net price increase in force, you may well need to pass it on to your clients by increasing the domain pricing for all domains currently registered in your billing system.


With WHMCS this is a snap thanks to the Bulk Pricing Update Utility we implemented last year (version 4.1.1 and later). To use it simply navigate to Utilities > Addon Modules > Bulk Pricing Updater and follow these instructions:



  1. Select the following options from the Product Menu:
    Domain - .com
    Domain - .net
  2. From the Status menu select the appropriate statuses (all recommended).
  3. From the Billing Cycle Menu select Domain: 1 Year
  4. If you are using multiple currencies, select one from the Currencies dropdown.
  5. Enter the new price of your .com and .net domain names in the New Recurring Price field. The page should look something like the attached image.
  6. Click “Update Pricing”.


That’s it, the price for all existing customers of all 1 year .com and .net domain registrations have been adjusted. You can now go back and repeat for the Domain: 2 Year, Domain: 3 Year, Domain: Year 4... etc. billing cycles.



Don’t forget to update the price for new registrations too. Navigate to Setup > Domain Pricing



  1. Click “Open Pricing” next to .com
  2. Enter your new pricing in the pop-up which appears.
  3. Click Save Changes
  4. Repeat for .net


That’s all there is to it! You have now successfully passed on the Verisign wholesale pricing increase to new and existing customers.


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John, how will this change affect recurring promotions?


Let's say we have 10 customers who order domains with a reduction of $5 a year and a normal price of $20 a year. We increase the sales price by $5, effectively putting it on $25. Will the promotional clients still be invoiced at $20 on existing domains too?

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  • WHMCS Support Manager

This will adjust the "Recurring Price", so would remove a discount.


You can specify the "Current Price" value on the Bulk Pricing Updater so the prices of your clients receiving a discount aren't adjusted. You can then adjust them separately.

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Is there any way to change the type of recurring billing to monthly, i have hundreds of clients that i have imported into whmcs, but i need to change the default recurring billing to monthly without having to do each account separately.

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Does anyone know of a way to change all our domain renewals so that they will now be 2 years each time instead of 1 year? If I do that manually, should I double the "recurring amount" or leave it the same value expecting that WHMCS will multiply the 2 years times the annual rate? Thanks.

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