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I don't seem to see GoDaddy as a registrar on the registrars list at http://wiki.whmcs.com/Domain_Registrars, does this mean that WHMCS will not interface with GoDaddy? I am very happy with the products and services I've received with GoDaddy and am considering becoming a domain reseller. While they can provide me with my own branded reseller page, I'd rather integrate everything using WHMCS. Can anyone offer me some insight into whether or not this is possible? Thanks!

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Forgive me for my ignorance, but your answer doesn't really help. I don't want visitors to go to a 3rd party page - which is why I'd rather use WHMCS. I've never sold domains before and am looking for guidance. GoDaddy is where we currently recommend that our clients register their website domains, which is why i brought them up. However, since it appears that WHMCS is capable of handling the domain name purchasing process, I thought it would be better to have customers complete everything from our site - purchase website design packaged, domain name, and hosting. I'm looking to this forum for recommendations. So, if not GoDaddy - where should I start? What is recommended for someone just getting started?

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GoDaddy do not offer a domain reseller service, that is why it is not supported. We have partnered with two premier domain registrars to offer free eNom and ResellerClub accounts to all those who order their WHMCS licence direct from us:




Yes they do. They have a domain API reseller. Its $249/yr. They also have a basic and pro reseller if you just want a third party site to handle registrations.




Edit: they dropped their price. Its $149 now.

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price change
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Technically as a pure legal sense Wild West Domains is a separate entity the GoDaddy. Although Bob Parsons owns Wild West Domains and uses the basically same back end.


We use to be a Wild West Domains reseller only as a courtesy to our customers prior to 2005, we got a lot of complaints from our clients we had to drop them.

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