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  1. For the benefit of anyone else that might this same issue. We had to wait and didn't upgrade from WHMCS 7.10.2 and upgraded directly to WHMCS 8.0.4 in mid December, 2020. And we are finding that many of our Sub-Accounts did NOT get upgraded to a User, they were downgraded to a Contacts. Working on best way to correct this now.
  2. Thanks CodeCo I did think about .htaccess file, but was hesitant having a large file. But totally forgot about using the cPanel interface, just do not work in cPanel now days. I will give that a try.
  3. I am thinking of possible ways to set up 301 Redirects for my WHMCS Knowledgebase Articles. Been using WHMCS since 2008 and finally will be moving to another Knowledgebase on our main site built in WordPress (will be using Echo Knowledgebase). Our WordPress install is on our root domain, lets call it oursite.com and we have WHMCS installed by itself on a cPanel dedicated server on the sub-domain of whmcs.oursite.com (the Sub domain isn't a cPanel normal sub-domain, but an actual cPanel account using the sub-domain as the domain). I want to keep a blank page for all Knowledgebase Articles in WHMCS that way we can continue to use the insert tool in the Support ticket system. But the SEO Friendly URL would redirect as a 301 Redirect to the Article on the WordPress site using Echo Knowledgebase. I guess I could at a minimum put a "This Article has been moved click Here is not redirected" message in the WHMCS Knowledgebase. But I would prefer that the redirect be automatic. All our DNS is being handled by Cloudflare I could set up Page Rules, but that could get a little costly since we have over 250+ articles. How would you do this? Thanks for your thoughts and feedback.
  4. This has been over 20 months ago. With all the releases especially with 8.0 being released last month, has this changed regarding the custom.css being overwritten?
  5. I am getting something similar as well. Looks like this in the WHMCS Error log in web root: {"exception":"[object] (InvalidArgumentException(code: 0): Invalid path provided; must not contain a URI fragment at /home/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/public_html/vendor/zendframework/zend-diactoros/src/Uri.php:356)"}
  6. Fully understand that this is now an official BUG at WHMCS to get fixed. But wanted to add +1 this is certainly a bug on my end as well.
  7. Thank you sir! I will give this a try later this evening and see what I can do with it. Now that cracked me up! LOL! Thanks again.
  8. Hi brian! Thanks for the reply. Nothing really difficult, simple like adding some text in the header (to the right of the logo) when logged in. We played around with it some but couldn't get it to work. I am so removed now from this stuff I am a little rusty. Roy
  9. Been using them for several years. Have some of their prebuilt Add-ons. One of them I could never get working correctly, so just trashed it spent a ton of time with support. They did seem helpful, but could never get things right with it. MG replies have been the next business day the majority of the time. But in all honesty, by the time I reply it really late their time. So reply the next day seems reasonable.
  10. Has anyone been able to develop a customer header for WHMCS client area so when a client logins they see a slightly different header? Ideas, thoughts? Thanks
  11. I have a question for those that operate (or operated) with WHMCS 7.4.2. After upgrading to WHMCS 7.4.2 from WHMCS 7.2.3 about a month before WHMCS 7.5 was released the following started to happen. When using the search field top right of the Admin area, at times (this is sporadic, never know when it happens), when searching for a Client (or products/services, Domains) and after selecting from the list of results and one clicks on one of the results, we are getting an Oops Error after clicking. First thing I did was turned on Error Display and Error logging and encountered over several days several Oops messages while using the Search. But NEVER, does any Error Messages Display or Error Logging show anything related to this error. Again this all started with the upgrade to 7.4.2. Anyone have any similar experience or know if this was a bug in 7.4? Thanks for any feedback. Roy
  12. Hi Brian! Thank you sir, forgot to check there, added and all is good.
  13. Here is the Problem, WHMCS Time is 5 hours ahead of local time (CDT) and this time of year CDT is -5 of UTC time. This problem started for some strange reason about a week ago. The server (dedicated) time is set to CDT (Chicago USA) PHP is also set to CDT (Chicago USA) A special php.ini file was created set to CDT (Chicago USA) But despite all those settings for time WHMCS is STILL showing 5 hours ahead. Yes, I do have a Ticket with WHMCS, and all they have confirmed so far is the CRON is activating.... LOL, that was never a problem, the problem is the WHMCS Time is off by 5 hours. Still waiting on a reply. Not sure if it's related to WHMCS 7.2.3, our current install, but this problem as well as another problem (which was fixed) have started since upgrade to WHMCS 7.2.3 from 7.1.2. I have run out of ideas.. Any ideas or thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!
  14. Having a weird and unique issue and no one seems to be able to figure out what is going one, this includes WHMCS support, Modules Garden, and our Server Admin team. The full story and issue: I have Modules Garden adding some simple additions to a Module they have had out for some time. All is going well. The all started on WHMCS 7.1.2 using PHP 5.6.x., The an upgrade (using the automatic upgrade system) to WHMCS 7.2.3 after that upgrade is when the issues with the "Order Summary" box on the Configure page of the checkout process. Both ModulesGarden and WHMCS support provided a screen shot I am added to this post that behind the scenes when calling (Method: GET) cart.php?a=add&pid=XXX a 500 Internal Server Error is generated. I reported this to my Server team and originally they made a slight adjustment of permissions 750 of files as suPHP doesn't like that permission and could possibly cause problems. But that change didn't have any effect on this problem. The Server Team looked at all the logs and nothing was being recorded and all. So after some more research that this is ONLY happening with Products/Services not domain name only purchases and just now found out that one of my products out of many isn't showing this problem. The "Order Summary" box is working just fine. But I switch to another product and the issue is happening. And yes, ALL my Addon modules have been deactivated to see if an Addon might be causing this. And deactivating ALL of them hasn't caused any change in this problem. I know there are people out there smarter than I, if you might have any ideas as to a cause/solution, I am all ears. So far nothing we try is working. And as I am typing this, now I have been told on our Products/Services > Products/Services page we are now getting an Opps! page. </sigh> Any ideas or help would be appreciated that you wish to pass along. And I thank you in advance. Roy
  15. I would like to find out if anyone knows of anyone writing a script that would make a backup up of a cPanel account (full backup) right before WHMCS sends over the termination request to terminate a cPanel account. I have never thought this to be an issue, but twice this year already, I have WHMCS terminate cPanel accounts after they are 90 days past due. And twice this year already within a day or so of termination the clients call up and say they want their sites back, but of course they do not have backups of their sites. In this case both clients were lucky our R1Soft backup server still had a copy of their site on the backup server and we where able to restore, but it would have been easier if there were a full cPanel backup. So that got me thinking it would be nice if a full cPanel backup was made right before the termination and just stored someplace on the server owned by root, and we can clean them off from time to time as needed. Any ideas or know of someone? Thanks Roy
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