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Well, from what I can see, it is not much more than adding/replacing the header to the already existing whmcs 'portal' template. It does work ok with the rest of the site, but perhaps you can try to make it more your own?


Personally I think the height of the header is too much. It might be fine on your other pages, but for the client area I would make a trimmed down version if I were you. Clients come to the client area to deal with their accounts, not to view the large header ;)

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Ditto to Ice.


I can't see a link back to your main site? Or maybe I'm to high on coffee to see it.


Also your pick, pay, receive - I think some nice jQuery image sliders will look perfect in there :)


Like this: http://temp.b-digital.biz/

I haven't tested that layout at all, so cover your eyes IE users.


I do like the header though. :)

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You need to considered user interface and design in my opinion. Your main content falls "below the fold" even on a high res screen. This will confuse the heck out of a lot of your users as they will think every page is the same. Design with the most unsavy in mind you would be surprised how many people are way behind.

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Alot of your links are broken on your main website and are not linking. You have forgotton the .php after the reseller page to name but one.


The client area needs looking at especially your header size on that page. A large header is OK for a home page but then should change for the rest of the site to allow your content to come out.


There doesnt seem to be a way to link back to your main site from the client area whcih seems a little odd. Maybe Im missing it.


Colours work well together though!


Just my honest thoughts - Good luck!

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