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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. I am new to WHMCS addon module development, forgive me if I am asking this wrongly. I am working on an addon module that works with support tickets. I would like to add a checkbox to the submit ticket form in the client area. When checked, would be treated differently in the module hook. But that checkbox should not show on the client area page if the module isn't enabled/activated. The hook point 'ClientAreaPageSubmitTicket' allows returning key/value pairs to be made available as additional Smarty template parameters. Which can then be used in the theme template file. I would like not to edit the template file so that the addon module can easily be used on different themes. What is the best way to update the content of template from addon modules without editing the template files?
  2. i want to loop through all these checkboxes and generate them dynamically according to their roles and to concatenate role id dynamically with their friendly names instead of writing them manually , is there any way to do this ? function leave_module_config() { return [ 'fields' => [ 'Checkbox Field Name' => [ 'FriendlyName' => 'role1', 'Type' => 'yesno', 'Description' => 'Tick to enable', 'FriendlyName' => 'role2', 'Type' => 'yesno', 'Description' => 'Tick to enable', 'FriendlyName' => 'role3', 'Type' => 'yesno', 'Description' => 'Tick to enable', 'FriendlyName' => 'role4', 'Type' => 'yesno', 'Description' => 'Tick to enable', ], ] ]; }
  3. Hello there, Is it possible for http request using PUT method in addon module ? If possible, any ideas how to use it ? Please help me Thank you
  4. When clients sign up for your services, you may use configurable options to customize their services. Those options show up within the WHMCS cart's product configuration page. Sometimes it isn't clear what a configurable option is for based on the label. With this module, you can now add descriptions to configurable options so visitors have as much info as they need. You can even hide inputs on the product configuration page in the cart. Order now: $25 / yearly | View on the Marketplace Features Add descriptions to configurable options for visitors to see Hide inputs within the product configuration page in the cart Descriptions are displayed within: A tooltip that is shown when the input is hovered over A specified class - such as the bootstrap alert classes or any other CSS class Resize input containers to make those inputs larger or smaller - based on the input's container Input options can apply to all products or specific products
  5. Hi all. Recently I have a custom addon module which placing order through localAPI, but it seems this limits my client to purchase 1 item at a time, which brings not so good UX. I wish to get some input, what's the proper way to change the order placing through my custom addon module, direct to normal shopping cart. Thank you all in advance. Best Regards, Nelson Neoh
  6. Hi. I have developed an Addon Module (says addOnModule), which requires some custom entry of details (says Domain Name, and/or hosting ID) while placing order. On Paid, it will then have to write some additional details on a custom table (says tbl_customModule), aim for further management activities. The module will carries all product under Other (myProductType). The module works fine on Customer Panel, but facing issue when Add New Order in Admin Panel. Hopefully I am able to get some hints/advice from kind people here. Q. When admin performed Add New Order in Admin Panel -> Orders -> Add New Order, it can't read my module, but defaulting Product Type as hosting service, although the product name is listed under products options. I can't find a correct way to overcome this issue. How can I correct this issue? Here's the desired workflow of the Addon Module: 1. When myProduct picked, it should capture the product type as myProductType. 2. The custom fields then populate under the product details section (refer to attached sample). 3. After filled up the form and submit order, it will trigger my module to save required info into tbl_customModule. At last, thank you for any input. Best Regards, Nelson Neoh
  7. following are the images of a custom addon module for leave apply purpose. in 1st image there are two files with name of 1)leave_module 2)settings.php and in 2nd image there is a front end of leave_module.php now what i want is to redirect myself to settings.php after clicking on settings button but i am not sure how to do it also i am new at it so kindly if anyone can help me through this Thanks in advance,
  8. WHMCS Product Reseller API System - No Admin Account Needed As a Service Provider and WHMCS user you want to give automation to your reseller and want them to manage their VPS/Dedicated Server, Hosting Account from their own billing system but you can't as WHMCS Billing System itself required Admin User Credentials with API Access to do so, but you might not be giving the same to the end user. Your search ends here and using WHMCS Product Reseller API System you can able to do so and it does not required any Admin Credentials for each Reseller user to manage their own product. This API System is based on WHMCS API System but here it does not required any Admin Credentials and Remote Server API White list, You just need to add which user you want to be reseller and it will give an API Key and using that API Key they can manage there services. ========================= Functions ========================= 1. Secure API System 2. No administrator username or password is needed for each Reseller! 3. No Remote IP White-list for remote API needed! 4. Clients can change their IPs from client-area 5. Currently Supported /Limited commands are ModuleCustom, ModuleChangePackage, ModuleChangePw, ModuleCreate, ModuleSuspend, ModuleUnsuspend, ModuleTerminate, UpdateClientProduct & UpgradeProduct 6. Data Response in JSON format only. 7. Customer's can only manage their OWN Products not others if any mismatch it will not work. ========================= REQUIREMENTS ========================= 1. WHMCS Version 7 or higher 2. IonCude Loaders 3. UltratechHost License Key ========================= PRICE ========================= WHMCS Reseller API System : €3.00EUR Monthly : Order Now WHMCS Reseller API System : €20.00EUR Yearly : Order Now
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