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  1. bla bla bla BS He hasnt addressed the issues regarding owned licenses at all, only tried to justify their greed
  2. Please dont give them ideas...
  3. I say post it. WHMCS have already broken the rules (You know those gentlemen rules that you have when you engage in business)
  4. Yeah we should be ok for another year or more though I wouldnt push it beyond that. In mean time I am exploring other options available to us and will reach out to Clientexec + Blesta this week to see which product is going to be the best fit for our businesses. This has such a knock on affect, for example, it makes no sense for us to keep our support and updates active with modules garden as there wont be any further updates to any of our whmcs owned licenses and most of the issues have been resolved. This negatively affects them and beyond their control. If I were Konrad @ModulesGarden I would seriously consider writing a whmcs replacement considering the knowledge that his team have of the product. Furthermore they have the user base to promote the product and would succeed. I would support any whmcs replacement product that they released.
  5. What justifies paying $99 per month when I have already purchased the software outright, had to pay $99 for active support, and then had to pay thousands of dollars on modules to get whmcs to a level where it works as expected?
  6. When can we expect cPanel Extended for Blesta, or better yet - DirectAdmin Extended for Blesta? Too soon? 🙂
  7. Jump ship now while you can bud. This is going to affect your business and others like Modules Garden. I've spent a * load of money with them and thats about to drastically change. So unless MG and others can start making modules for other vendors they and yourself are going to loose a ton of money. Seems blesta is the best based on the communities response so far? Im still looking at the various options available to us though.
  8. I'll be on the lookout for a similar email - did post a decent explanation of events.
  9. I think its best that companies like yourself and your competitors decide to focus your efforts on competing product - just not too sure which one. You guys could have a major part to play on who gets to be the next whmcs (without the greed). WHMCS needs integration partners as their stock integration lacks many features.
  10. Seems to have jumped to 2.8 now so some have been removed? Either way, they deserve anything less than 3 stars after the stunt that they have pulled. @brian! - any indication as to where you are thinking of heading?
  11. I've stated my opinions on twitter and via email to their sales department and may as well add it here. The manner in which this was handled is unacceptable and they've put a gun to our heads. I understand that price increases are required, but this is pure greed. WHMCS John can say what he likes about how they are listening to peoples remarks but clearly they arent, and we know they wont any time soon. Its a money grab pure and simple. Who ever made and approved this decision deserves to rot What a shame is all I can say. I wont immediately move from whmcs to a competitor but will have to within the next year. Thats two businesses that they have lost
  12. Please try the following https://www.netsparker.com/blog/web-security/disable-directory-listing-web-servers/
  13. @PapaKaiis awesome to deal with and fast. Overall Hexonet are a little slow at responding but their support is good. Stay away from OpenSRS / Tucows - Unethical and sly.
  14. Suggestion for your site. Have an option to go to the client area without having to click on order now, and also have a changelog for the various versions of your module.
  15. Hey @brian! I've tried reaching out to you to assist with debugging an error that Im receiving when attempting to implement this on my site and see that you dont allow PM's 🙂 Would you mind sending me a PM so that I can forward you the error thats being logged on my whmcs?
  16. To answer your question, DirectAdmin is a replacement for cPanel and based on the responses from other forums things are going well. Take a look into it or wait for the announcement that cpanel is supposedly making today.
  17. You will most likely need to contact the module developer, ie the registrar
  18. Thanks for the response @RLT - Nicholas - I did initially look at the @zomex seo enhancer but couldnt confirm via their website if it would work for knowledge base articles. Most of the mods that I have seen / reviewed only apply to whmcs pages which is not what I am looking for. Ideally two areas need to be corrected within whmc's code and those are the product specific pages and knowledge base articles. Perhaps zomex can provide feedback and confirm if their seo enhancer will work for product pages and knowledge base articles? Google is penalizing us for the duplicate content within these sections. Lastly, I've used themes before and whilst they are great they land up causing more grey hairs than what they are worth if you're using third party modules so I prefer to use six and customize the existing css. 95% of wordpress developers use six within their testing and this works.
  19. Howdy @brian! Thanks for posting this. Would you be able to advise on how to display and customize meta related content for product pages, and for knowledge base pages add the tags defined to the knowledge base article as keywords?
  20. What does the module log show? I suspect that your registrar module has the incorrect credentials stored.
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