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  1. Hello guys, I looked up community site and WHMCS documentation, but could not solve my problem. I already read these docs. https://docs.whmcs.com/Disk_Space_and_Bandwidth_Overage_Billing https://developers.whmcs.com/provisioning-modules/usage-update/ Could you let me know how I can solve this ? Case is like the following, ``` custom_provisioning_module - talk to a server foo_product (pro-rata, service can start any day ) - custom_provisioning_module (assigned) - configurable options [DATA] - 100GB($50) - 500GB($70) excess data charge $1/GB A customer purchased foo_product, service period(16/Mar/2018 ~ 15/Apr/2018) A customer used 150GB(150-100=50GB excess) until 15/Apr/2018 ``` How can I update invoice for overage billing automation ? Please let me know what the best practice is.
  2. This is my case. Upgrade from 6.3.3 to 7.0.1. I had same issue that could not click [save Changes] on Configure Update Settings (I am using Chrome) I patched 7.0.2, 7.0.3, but still same issue occurred. Just in case I tried Microsoft Edge [save Changes] button, it works. This is Browser browser compatibility issue. - - - Updated - - - I am correcting myself above. This is not Browser browser compatibility issue but browser cache issue. My Chrome remembered cached javascrip or css from 6.3.3, it triggers "CAN NOT CLICK BUTTON". After Deleting Cache, it works correctly.
  3. Hello, I am running version 6.3.1 of whmcs. Domain checker showing what ever the name entered in .AU TLD as 'already taken'. For example, sadjkhfksdjfjsdf123.com.au sadjkhfksdjfjsdf123.org.au sadjkhfksdjfjsdf123.net.au All are already taken. This is not correct. Please advise what might be the problem. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I am newbie for WHMCS. Could you tell me how I can combine both Product Addons and Custom Fields ?
  5. Hi, Guys. I am trying to add monitoring features to products. Structure will be like this; Product group : "PG" Products : P1, P2, P3 .... Addon features: Data Usage, Network traffic, Power Usage, ... Client can have MULTIPLE monitoring features. User case : ClientA purchases P1 add Power Usage monitoring features. Admin should be able to assign [Power ID] like "A-P1-POWER-yy" to the above service. ClientB purchases P1 add Data Usage monitoring feature. Admin should be able to assign [Data ID] like "B-P1-DATA-zz" to the above service. ClientA will see Power Usage from ClientArea ClientB will see Data Usage from ClientArea I tried to use Product Addon, but it does not have custom field feature. Would you guide me how to implement ?
  6. johnc

    Rollback Admin Action with validation

    I reply myself. https://github.com/SpamExperts/whmcs-addon Spamexpert module example help me a lot. It use server module and acceptOrder hook event. function process(){ if($thirdparty->canAddMoreDomain()){ return 'success'; //success order }else{ return 'any other erro message here then this trigger stopping process'; } }
  7. Hi, Guys. I have a product is related to the 3rd party. When admin click [accept order] of this product, I want to implement a process like the following code; function process(){ if($thirdparty->canAddMoreDomain()){ //accept this order }else{ //display flash message "You can't add more domain as limited domain number" //do not make this order } } How can I implement this process ? Thank you for your help in advance.

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