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  1. seeing the same erroes on both my installations
  2. we have 2 seperate installs on servers with Vultr in Sydney and this morning we are finding that both are really really slow to respond. I had initially thought it was some addons playing up so i disabled them all and slowly re-enabled them till it went slow again and we found that the Modules Garden plugins we have seem to be at fault, so i temporarily re-named their folders with .BAK on the end of the folder names and this fixed the issue for a short time then its gone slow again how can we identify if this is a licencing lookup issue or something similar or a problem elsewhere? Ive been right thru the error and troubleshooting guides and cant narrow it down
  3. we recently installed a default configuration of Engintron on the server we have running WHMCS and all seemed ok initially but we found that admins were logged out after a couple of minutes and couldnt log back in again until we disabled it on the server and reverted back to normal apache config. Has anyone got it running correctly and if so would they mind sharing what config changes to nginx they had to do to make it work correctly
  4. im trying to find where to edit the language files for the market Connect products in particular the heading lines for the SSL products in the Recommended for you section that displays on the client area home page the XXXX and the XXXXXX have me stumped ... ive done a file search and a database search and cant find where they are defined...
  5. has anyone managed to get this working with WHMCS 8? ive messaged the developer thru various channels and haven't heard anything
  6. Thanks Brian it makes sense to me now... i was thinking backwards in that the valid templates were the ones to hide the sidebar on, not show it on...
  7. hrrrm ok i added the hook to remove the sidebar as you suggested but im finding that its still there... an example: https://accounts.snowtech.com.au/cart.php?a=add&domain=register&query=snowman56.com.au the rest of the cart process hides the sidebar...without issue
  8. thanks for the tips... and yes i removed the sidebar completely from the pages i wanted it gone from it was just the cart ones i couldn't work out.. as for the domain names... im trying to get my head around why thats happening. I did have the Domain Orders Extended module installed, but it never behaved correctly so went back to the normal setup... perhaps something is a bit screwy because of this...
  9. One further small question,,,... on pages such as cart.php?a=add&domain=register and cart.php?a=add&domain=transfer how do i hide the sidebar on these as well... just on that initial part of the function? is it going to be essentially the same code but changing the line: if (strpos($templatefile, 'store/') !== false) { to if (strpos($templatefile, 'orderforms/') !== false) { or is it something different when it comes to hiding it on cart.php?
  10. Brian Thanks heaps for that... exactly what im after i think... and yes your right the TawkTo is causing that
  11. Ive seen how to add in a hook to hide the left sidebar sections on various pages but id like to hide it from the main market connect pages, the initial page for each product group, custom pages and the home page. Now i know on the custom pages thats easy... but i cannto for the life of me see how to hide it on market connect and the home page but not the client area... Im just trying to make the main public pages full width with no left sidebar.. instead of adding in a 3rd party theme system to the install.
  12. pity the main ticket view is where we used it the most...
  13. Thanks Brian I looked at Zomex and their demo's are all just default installs other than the home page so possibly they have issues now sure... so i will keep looking
  14. im wondering if anyone has thought about or created template files for the hosting and domain based pages that work and look like the market connect style pages to create a more integrated and seamless look? going to the usual package pages for hosting etc doesnt look anywhere near as nice as the market connect pages...and they dont really tie in together properly just trying to get some ideas and or suggestions on this one... currently i have a wordpress them in front of a whmcs theme and its just clunky trying to tie the 2 together seamlessly...id dump wordpress if it was easy enough to setup pages that tied in
  15. Brian thats great...works perfectly thanks for that 🙂
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