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  1. we have recently seen a lot of issues with our install, and i suspect its related to callbacks of some of the 3rd party plugins. Is there a way to try and identify what may be tying up the page loads without disabling the plugins and checking... Our database is optimized and its definately not a hardware or resource issue, and networking to and from the server its running on is fast for everything apart from our whmcs admin. any suggestions or advice on what i can do to try an pinpoint the issue
  2. i wasnt even aware this was a thing till a couple of days ago... I created a direct copy of the dist.categories.json file and added in the .com.au and .net.au and removed others on the popular section as: "Popular": [ ".com", ".net", ".com.au", ".net.au", ".org", ".info", ".biz", ".me", ".mobi", ".online", ".site", ".blog", ".club", ".shop", ".hotel" ], and saved the file and i find that the Popular list comes with a whole heap of tld's that are not even active or in the popular list. I have cleared my browser cache and the whmcs templates cache and still this happens... i would have assumed it should only show the 15 Popular ones i have in the json file and not all the weird ones that were in the default file.
  3. I am looking for a module for Wave Accounting integration. Has anyone built one or is anyone developing one currently? I don't want to use a 3rd party integration service
  4. I like the new server sync functions but im finding that there are errors where a clients account assigned to the server im syncing is showing as No match found in WHMCS and then at the bottom of the page i see the username listed with the message No match found on server . The username and domain name and packages of the accounts match up so im unsure as to why this is happening? I also cant see any way to be able to correct these?
  5. Hi is this module still available? the linsk to it are broken.
  6. Im seeing errors in the log when someone signs up in relation to the MailChimp addon I have disconnected and reconnected mailchimp as has been discussed in earlier discussions on errors like this but it still continuing. anyone have any idea as to why this would be happeneing?
  7. yeah its rather annoying and we haven't been able to identify from any headers as to why its getting flagged as junk either...
  8. we have noticed recently that Office 365/Hotmail/Livemail has been sending invoices form our WHMCS system to Junk for a lot of clients our network range and IP's are not in any spam or rbl lists, and all other emails seem to be unaffected. DKIM and SPF and PTR for our install are all correct. is anyone else having this sort of issue or aware of what could be causing this. could it be the PDF attachment or the length or lack thereof or content of the invoice email causing it perhaps? really keen to find a solution but cant seem to identify the specific cause.
  9. Im wondering if there is a simple way to tie in cpanel dns only servers to the server status functions in whmcs? given that apache doesnt run on them? is there a way to achieve this?
  10. we have started using the Marketplace for SSL's having moved away from Trustico... everything is great apart from one issue we have noted... the renewal date for an ssl is set to the day it expires... so i turn a customer doesnt get an invoice generated until that day, so they would be unaware of it till the invoice is generated and sent, and as a lot of our customers take a few days to pay their ssl's will fall over until their invoices are marked as paid, and the system renews them... is there a way to have the invoices generated X amount of days before they are due for renewal? and or to send out reminders in much the same way as the domain system does? with the volume of ssl's we manage we dont want to have to manually go in and adjust the expiry date of each individual ssl each time to manually have the invoices generating prior to the ssl expiry...
  11. i found the new version did not like our existing pho 7.0 build. Switched to 7.2 and all sorted
  12. I have a second install that was upgraded thats fine... Appears the issue on this install is much deeper so will have to wait for support to check it out
  13. since moving to 7.5 we have found the search function isnt running and we are getting a 500 not found error in console log, but nothing in apache logs to suggest a 500 error the search function just sits there spinning around anyone else seeing this? have full debugging and error reporting on and nothings being logged out of the ordinary
  14. we have lost faith in Trustico after their spat with DigiCert, and continual unresolved module issues that they refuse to address for us, so we are looking to move to the MarketConnect system Is there a way to "import" existing ssl clients into it, in such a way that they can be seen as a renewal when they come up for renewal rather than having to order them as brand new ssl's? I am trying to find the least interrupting way to go about this for all of our clients as we have a lot of ssl's to deal with... also as a side note is there any concern with Geotrust etc being supported ongoing as i cant make head nor tail of the situation to be honest...
  15. Im looking for someone to provide a nice simple clean stable Nextcloud provisioning module to work with v13+ of Nextcloud and the latest WHMCS I saw there was one listed in the marketplace but given the developers site is very nastily broken and they dont respond to any queries im guessing its fallen by the wayside.. so im looking to see what sort of $ would be involved in getting a new one built, or if someone has a working module what it would cost to purchase.. If the old developer has stopped work on the module currently available i also wonder if it can be taken over or if anyone has a developer icence for it?
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