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Licensing Addon Module Congratulations


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Can this licensing module work for applications not written in PHP?


The reason I ask is that we have a ColdFusion based product, http://www.openmindcommerce.co.uk that currently has the entire admin area encrypted to prevent misuse.


If we could use this module for licensing we could also unencrypt the admin folder which would be fantastic.


I'm assuming the only server requirement is PHP installed for the users?

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openmind No problems at all - it'll work fine and with any type of script if you choose. If you have the right server environment to run WHMCS then the module will also run fine. Users don't need anything installed anywhere except a standard web browser on their PC.

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For the license check, you have to make a call to the license verification file with the key and location it's being used in and then interpret the XML response. This can be done from most programming languages but we only provide the example code for PHP.


The file(s) you put the license check code in needs to be encoded to prevent users from just removing it.



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Anyone have a link to the Licensing Addon PHP examples of calling the verify.php file? what strings should be used etc?


I never found any documentation on it and ive been roughly winging it, guessing on the url variables.


Let me know

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How about offering 10 or 15 free licenses like phpAudit or IONO licensing so there would be no start up costs to the developers who can upgrade to $99.95 one time fee after they have sold their 10 to 15 free licenses ?


As WHMCS is already widely used, if you can offer this as well, you will have more developers coming forward who are presently going to PHPAudit which is now offering free 15 licenses for the developers to get started.


Or may be an introductory pricing for the small time developers who can not afford $99.95 one time fee right in the start.

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Many developers use it already and it has a very good niche.




That is what a regular user called Sparky creates. WHMCS addons and they all have the licensing module in, I myself use them as to many more.


It is widely used and highly recomended, if you are that worried you should bring up a ticket and ask if there are any money back guarantees?


If the need arises for my business I will purchase it outright, it is very effective and good.





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Hey thanks for the plug Andrew.

However only 1 of my addons use the licensing so far which is the Template Editor.

There is a few more scripts called AutoScript Installer, and cPanel Tools coming soon that will utilise the licensing.


The licensing module is very easy to use and implement into your scripts.

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Has anyone gotten the phpaudit importer to work?


Yes, we got it to work. I made some adjustments to the one Matt supplied and then sent the changes to Matt. It's not 100% perfect but it worked well enough for us.


What problems did you have?

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