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I have looked at the site you provided and it looked really cool so i tried it out for myself.


I have installed and configured an Iframe plugin for joomla, but when i go onto the menu i have set it to it shows scroll bars, but the width is set to 100%.


How can i get it onto my site via the Iframe without the scroll bars?


Any help would be appreciated.



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Why do you dislike iframes so much?

Iframes can be pretty useful to embed whmcs into a site that has alot of dynamic content and uses a cms like drupal. This way you don't have to theme everything twice and update everything twice.


Yes, SSL will work just fine in an iframe. The browser might complain about having some objects that are not ssl but you should be able to make your containing page ssl as well to correct that.

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I agree with kanetheninja - although not nearly the best solution, they are very handy.


I temporarily integrated WHMCS into my site using an iFrame: http://www.iteurope.ie/support.html


Not trying to defend the lack of authentication and the slowness, but at the time, it was the quickest and most efficient way to do it. In the future I will embed it properly, but for the moment, the trusty old iFrame is serving me well!

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You can fix the scroll bar issues with some javascripts and the http://www.iteurope.ie/clients/cart.php?a=add&pid=1 issue with go go .htaccess files. What does "lack of authentication" mean? The only real problem is bookmarking.


Ajax would be interesting, but i don't know how well it would work to embed whmcs in another page problem. Ajax would still have the bookmarking issue as well.

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I am surprised that some people are against Iframe, yet don't suggest the alternative solutions. I am trying to integrate Joomla and WHMCS as there is no joomla component linking this to programs, it is not easy for me.


Other than Iframe, how do you integrate you joomla site with WHMCS?

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integrating whmcs in joomla (=dynamic navigation from joomla etc)



by calling whmcs pages run an own script:

1.(if timestamp ok - see 2.) parse joomla header/footer and save it to static pages.

2.controlling the timestamp of existing static pages (for example set the timeout until new save 1 day )

3.include static pages.


(Pages = Joomla Header and Footer)

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you can not use whmcs as cms. by editing static content pages you must edit the tpl files.


integrating whmcs in a cms (for example joomla) offers you the same look and feel and a navigation generated by the cms. no duplicate html design for footer and header.

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sounds nice.

which addon is used for CMS features?

and if there are CMS features with editor. do you have a content structure or simply an amount of contentpages.




We're using a combination of the WHMCS Blog & a few other modules I've written. We all know automation in any business is crucial & keeping your site updated with new content is key. It's been my experience that the only way to accomplish both is with such modules.


I've spent quite a bit of time developing everything, but it has already paid off. I absolutely love that we only ever have to login to 1 program to do everything. Automate, simplify, and save time better spent supporting your customers :)

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