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  1. Further to that, I managed to get a human on their live chat today. Silence is golden 😕
  2. Hello, I've done a quick search around the forums but can't find anything definitive. I'm wondering if anyone has found an alternative to MyWorks PayPal Billing Agreement module? I'm still stuck at version 7.10.2 because I've received 0 response from MyWorks for months and don't want to upgrade and end up with the fiasco it caused the last time when it didn't support the latest version of WHMCS. Any help or advice would go a long way! Thanks in advance.
  3. I finally got a response on Wednesday so was able to update my WHMCS to the latest version.
  4. Regardless of reasons, it shouldn't take a company 14 days and counting to provide a simple response to a simple ticket.
  5. Is anyone aware of another module that collects payments from customers automatically using PayPal Reference Transactions? I'm currently using the one created by @myworksdesign but their support has become terrible. I opened a ticket on the 14th of February asking if it was now compatible with 7.9.1 and didn't receive a response and updated it again a couple days ago asking about 7.9.2 and still no response. I'm very surprised that they've decided to increase prices for their PayPal module but are reluctant to provide support for it...
  6. I'd like to know where you find Plesk as being the market leader in the US? I know it has a high footprint in Europe but cPanel is still the overal leader. I've been in and around DA for a little over 15 years and it's never been good, nothing is easy with it and the new theme hasn't improved anything IMO.
  7. It's not nonsense, how they did it is stupid, I agree.
  8. You wouldn't agree as you're complaining about a server cost of over $1,000 for a redirect service. Plesk is full of bugs Direct Admin is crap cPanel has the market share and I'm happy with it.
  9. Quite simply put, anyone complaining about cPanel's price increase are likely providing a less than honest service.
  10. Maybe you should hire better technicians, you don't need cPanel for a redirect service.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if it came with a price tag, like the licensing manager and project manager.
  12. At the time of writing I completely forgot about “resold” accounts. Let’s just hope something is released by WHMCS to assist with this.
  13. I'm very well aware "how business works" - I've been in the industry for over 15 years. I totally agree what cPanel has done is absurd - maybe you should ask them if they understand "how business works". The point I'm getting at is - If you don't like the new pricing then move on - no point sitting on here (or elsewhere) slating them as it's not going to change anything. It is "life" as there is nothing you, me or anyone else, can do about it. Even a backlash from the entire industry didn't make them change their mind.
  14. So that $1 a month covers CPU, RAM, Disk, Network, Electricity and Support resources that this $1 customer will use? I don’t think so. Simple fact whether people like it or not that there shouldn’t be $1 web hosting. As I’ve said previously, I don’t agree with cPanels pricing structure but on the other hand I kind of do. They provide support for pretty much anything albeit slow at times. I could easily send them several tickets a month asking them to fix a 500 error on different accounts and they wouldn’t batter an eye lid and still pay no more than 15-30 on the original pricing. They are supporting you and your clients so damn right they should get a piece of the pie! Again, I don’t agree with the way the price increase was done and I’m not happy that there is no unlimited option but hey, life is life.
  15. There are various paid options available for this functionality but at least you've made the effort to provide this free of charge 🙂 I'd be interested if you were to add additional functionality, such as remove the product from the invoice and provide a log in the activity log.
  16. Thanks for confirming. Would it cancel the invoice if there was another product on the invoice as well?
  17. Guess I forgot about the other hosting options. I agree with everyone that it's a crazy move on cPanel's side, maybe they'll reconsider and follow Plesk's pricing where there is still an unlimited option. Who knows - can only hope and pray.
  18. That only stands for reseller accounts, not standard web hosting account. I'm guessing they'd add support for reseller accounts as well through a counter somewhere or another.
  19. In my own opinion, I feel people are blowing it way out of proportion. Only the hosts that are offering hosting for $1 will suffer, and so they should. All you need to do is add the $0.10/12 or $0.20 into the hosting package or absorb the pennies, surely you are profiting enough to lose a maximum of 20 cents per account. I completely agree that jumping from per server to per account pricing is absurd, the way they've done it is terrible i.e. overnight. Nonetheless, it's not a huge issue, if you like cPanel and respect them, deal with it, else find somewhere else to take your business. WHMCS will have to react to this change since they are apart of cPanel. However, WHMCS already counts the users on each server under the "Product/Services -> Servers" area. Not sure how that will work with external license providers, such as BuycPanel and others. Just my 2c 🧐
  20. What does this mean for us as customers?
  21. I've enabled it now, will keep an eye on it. Thanks!
  22. Hello, I've come across an issue that whenever I click terminate on a cPanel based product, it just continues to spin with "working..." and never completes. Can anyone suggest what's wrong here? Thanks
  23. Issue resolved. You need to upgrade to cPanel version 11.38.2 which is currently within the CURRENT tree.
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