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I received this email the other day, do you think it's a *? So far, he tells me he doesn't want to show me his site (he says it's closed because he doesn't want new clients). He's charging a pre-transfer fee of 2500$ for all the clients, and then 6 months of revenue there on end. Here's the main email I got:





I am selling my cpanel clients.



86 clients altogether.



Shared Clients:



32 Clients: ($63.68 monthly)


100MB Webspace and 1GB Bandwidth, Each pay $1.99 per month!



30 Clients: ($359.70 monthly)


1GB Webspace and 10GB Bandwidth, Each pay $11.99 per month!



Reseller Clients:



24 Clients: ($2159.76 monthly)


10GB Webspace and 100GB Bandwidth, Each pay $89.99 per month!




Total Money (Month) = $2583.14



Clients pay via paypal subscriptions.



Clients are currently using 177GB Space and 400GB Bandwidth each month.

They are hosted on a US server however I am from the UK and clients are billed in USD.


Support is via email only and there aern't many support requests, usually just simple things.


No new clients are being accepted,

as I want to try other things now and no longer want to do web hosting.


I am only selling the clients and am asking between 6-8 months revenue. (negotiable) I can complete straight away, payment is prefered via a wire transfer. I am happy to accept the payment in two halfs if required, e.g: half first and half when we've completed with terms in the purchase agreement contract.


If you are interested please let me know. All the clients will be moved to the buyers server as soon as we can agree a deal and the first payment has been made, I would like to use a purchase agreement contract for this sale to protect both of us.



Thanks, Nathan Barris


* or great deal?

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you should be able to easily get his ip of his server


If you are thinking of proceeding, you might want to do some reverse ip lookups, such as at domaintools.com, so as to test the veracity of his claims..


I would also ask for his VAt no;

In Oz, we can look up the bonefides of a company once we have the AU equivalent (ABN).


Thats usually a good start for them to prove that they are who they say they are.


I'd also be asking for a set of audited (or tax department approved) account for at least the last full financial year.


In addition, you'd be well advised to write in a support & handover clause for say 3 months.


Finally,by you both signing a non-disclosure agreement, he can ensure his data privacy, whilst allowing you to validate his data.


On the plus side, look at what those clients could be worth to you in terms of addon sales.


Him saying no to any of these should raise your alarm bells.


Just rember, as the saying goes, CAVEAT EMPTOR.

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ive gotten this also ive talked with him and what not on msn he uses whmcs as billing software so that could help with verfitcation if in doubt clients have too pay their bill somehow:)


Did you purchase anything yet? Also, I can't afford 2500$. He's now asking me to split with someone from this forum. So yukiko, if you're sure he's A-ok, maybe we can work something out.

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If I read it right, he's asking for 6-8 months revenue or $15k to $20k and not $2500


That's how I read it as well ($2514*6=$15,498).

It's $2500 now...then 15K+ after.

I think partnering is usually a very bad idea, but that's just me. I've never seen it go well in the end.


Investigate fully. If this was legit, and he only wanted $2500? I'd have bought long ago. Get an NDA, check things out carefully (especially making sure these clients are current and happy)...it sounds too good to be true.

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I guess the main thing you have to ask yourself is: Why did he email you? Did you initiate this process somewhere (eg: Post a "looking to buy hosting clients" thread at Webhosting talk?)


If you didn't ask to purchase this, don't deal with it. Kindly tell him he can go post his business as for sale over at webhostingtalk. If it's legitimate, he'll get it sold within a few days of posting it over there.

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But you have to ask yourself: Why did he contact you? Did he know you were looking to purchase?


If you really want to look at purchasing clients, even if you want his deal, just look around WHT. You'll find something there. Or just keep talking to him and getting references from him and other items pertaining to the sale (eg: NDA, NCA, etc.)

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ive talked with the guy if he is infact a lagit owner of whmcs licence he would post here :) and then we can verify hes lagit. but since the guy rarely on its hard too verify anything... as bear said the math doesnt add up what so ever and is too riskie..

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come on guys, its a *.


I have sold 2 businesses so far. 1st step is a non disclosure, second step is verificaiton of the website and business, 3rd is looking into their billing system to verify everyone exists and see historic payment activity.


if you cant do those, its a *.


hes making $2500 a month and he does not have to do much, and he wants to get rid of it?

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