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  1. Only thing I could think of is split the product into 2 versions each with 50% pay due at 2 week offset.
  2. Can someone provide a script to auto-add a product to the account if an add-on is selected? So basically you would end up with the add-on listed and the corresponding product also listed, but it would give the user what they wanted which is really 2 products via the one order form.
  3. Anyone have handy the proper query to pull the price for an item's config option? I had looked at this a year ago and gave up cause the foreign key was not clear and after 2 hours of trial and error got nowhere.
  4. Ok.. Ya I was going to say the custom hash but someone beat me to it So I vote for that and the custom button code, which we can edit ourselves sorta like the affiliate code is editable to have various options of buttons etc.
  5. I would like to see ability for ppl to copy and paste a button code in html to their site so they can have a donate button on their site directly. The code should be viewable in the group pay area. Here are my real ideas though: Create a way to allow people to make their own link codes and coupon code. Two link codes would be available, one for affiliate link and one for group pay link. Such as: http://midnightgaming.net/myteam Coupon code "myteam" would also save 10% or some preset amount off on various items. It could be a proxy to a real coupon code. The "myteam" parameter can be part of the user's profile. This would allow them to easily tell ppl their affiliate URL, group pay, and coupon code. The current affiliate link system assumes people have a website, which is usually not the case. I would probably pay $100+ for this feature as it would instantly turn all of my customers into sales people. The current system is too difficult.
  6. How can I block these from showing up in my ticket list? I already created the appropriate spam control options but they do not work. I have these in the blocked subjects, which obviously the subject has VIAGRA in it, and the spam setting is not working: degree Delete ebeqo1827@telesp.net.br Delete pharmacy Delete postmaster@midnightgaming.net Delete sales@mycp.net Delete VIAGRA Delete *VIAGRA* Delete degree Delete viagra Delete viagra Delete Subject: VIAGRA © Best Supplier Newsletter If you have any difficulty seeing the contents of this e-mail, please click here. Copyright © 2009 Gydysasi Inc. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Contact Us | Unsubscribe
  7. Ban IP should work for wildcards as well as domains names. I have one kid ordering through an anon proxy who keeps changing his IP, just the last octet, and keeps getting through, even though I have banned the whole domain and IP block. Also the spam control settings do not seem to work with wildcards or do any matching on the term. This is so rudimentary, not sure why it doesn't work. I put in viagra, yet I still am getting support tickets with this in the topic and body. Somehow spam-assassin doesn't block these but it blocks my emails I send to customers, amazing!
  8. How can I have a free product but require that users renew it every 3 months to keep it up, otherwise I want it to suspend then terminate as if it wasn't paid. I don't want free stuff that is not used clogging up my system.
  9. I have no idea what this is about, I doubt the devs will either.
  10. You are right, if you want to make changes to add-ons it must be done manually. For the 404 issue you should open a support ticket.
  11. The real question is, why does the system send cc reminders when there is no invoice due? We have a lot of repeat customers who leave for months at a time, so we don't close any accounts unless they specifically ask us to. The cc reminder would be fine if it just didn't send it out when no invoice is due.
  12. Just today another user emailed asking why we sent him emails about his credit card expiring for a service he canceled months ago.
  13. You can delete add-ons under the manage add-ons link inside the product details tab in the user account.
  14. Run cron job on command line and see what error it spits out. Double check the proper credentials are used in your support department group for connecting to your email server if you are using the pop option.
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