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Migration to a new host

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We've been using WHMCS hosted with a third party, because all our kit is Windows / C Sharp and we don't do PHP or Linux. However we have no option but to move it to another host as the current one will discontinue this shared hosting platform shortly.

I've followed the instructions and set it all up. However, the new host's server doesn't execute PHP scripts, it just sends the raw PHP code to the browser. It's looking in the right place at the right index file, it just doesn't execute it.

I think I might need to install something called ionCube but I can't do that because it won't run PHP scripts.

This is something that someone experienced with PHP could probably fix, but that's not us. I've searched around and checked all the basics. It's just beyond our expertise. Nothing works. The host's control panel also tosses errors when trying to configure SSL so that doesn't work either.

The orignal host used something called CPanel, the new one doesnt. I had to FTP the files over, then import the database dump, and then update the config to point the app at the new database location. All seems good, but to no avail.

Will this be easier if I find another host that does use CPanel? Can I just do an export/import?

I see there is a hosted version of WHMCS coming (SAAS) - this would be ideal for companies like ours, meaning we could use the product without the need to understand the programming language and platform. Is there a date for this?

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21 hours ago, Mark P said:

I think I might need to install something called ionCube but I can't do that because it won't run PHP scripts

Since WHMCS is PHP based, it's not just ioncube that's the issue. 
Ask you new host about running PHP scripts, as without it WHMCS won't execute anything. If they won't or can't, you need a host that can. 

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