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create ticket without login to whmcs


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Hi all!

Increasingly, many customers do not want to log in to create a ticket from whmcs and only want to send queries directly from their own emails.

What are the risks of sending a direct email to whmcs from an email client such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, without first creating the ticket in whmcs?

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Mainly you will get spam. 
The downsides are plenty, however. WHMCS strips content like HTML (client: "make the changes shown in red"), as well as being prone to dropping anything following breaklines, especially consecutive underscores (__) that many of my clients like to use to separate content in requests. Some mail clients include gobs of HTML that's not interpreted or stripped (I'm looking at you, Yahoo) that will clog up ticket replies and so on.
Then there's the attachments. Unless explicitly allowed, many will get blocked with no warning when they send tickets via email. I've also had a few blocked that were in the allowed list (PDF), possibly because there was some other attachment also that wasn't listed. Could have been just a fluke, but I couldn't find anything about the PDF that explained it.

We allow this, but use mailscanner on the server they go to, so there's a copy to refer to when content is missing. It will happen, definitely.
Alternately, you could CC to a mailbox so you have copied to refer to as well. 

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Hi there!

Your answer was very clear. It happens that I want to simplify the fastest and easiest contact method since today many people want to contact without having to log in, responding directly to the ticket from their email program, without reading content where I explicitly inform that if the client responds directly , they will not receive a response, but they insist on practical contact methods such as, for example, WhatsApp where they want a response now.
For us, these methods of support tickets system are effective, but people don't understand it.

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We use SupportPal and its integration with WHMCS. 

It has channel support for email (haven't found anything that gets stripped), web form and customers using WHMCS don't see anything different in their portal.

As an admin you login to your SupportPal to provide support but the customers WHMCS details are all there to view and access.

There's a commercial add-on that integrated with Twillio so you can handle SMS and WhatsApp, 

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Didn't get along with SupportPal ourselves, but seeing as it's not the built in helpdesk, WHMCS isn't involved in the import, so no HTML issues. The built in desk as well as Kayako that we used before it seemed worried about allowing HTML in tickets, assuming for the potential for being hacked with it (so why isn't Supportpal concerned?). Seems  to me, just disallowing remote calls, javascript or "special characters" would have done it, but that's just me.

I think the desk may have been an afterthought added in after the main product was created, made as safe as could be done quickly, and that's the last attention it received. I could be wrong, but I don't recall any updates for it in any of the iterations over time. "Good enough", apparently.

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