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Next due date not updating

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Have a question..Want to know before it happens.  Already read forums but didn't find my answer

Client purchases service 09/04/2022.  Due date 10/04/2022. Invoice goes out 09/27/2022.  Client pays on 10/02/2022

I have a subscription ID with paypal.

My question is shouldn't the next due date change and run renew module?

Or is paypal going to charge cc on 10/04/2022 and whmcs renew module runs then?  in which case customer shouldn't have paid invoice.

I might be panicing and need to wait for 10/04/2022

Hope this makes sense.  Thanks 



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Sorry I guess confusing. Hope this helps

1. Customer payed invoice but next due date didn't change and module didn't run renew. Maybe I have to do this manually? It's not automatic like when order was first placed.

2. PayPal creates a subscription id. How does this work? Does it automatic take credit card payment? Might depend on whether they have an account?

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The Next Due Date is updated automatically when the customer pays and Paypal communicates with your WHMCS.

Can you see the amount the customer has paid in your PayPal account?

A Subscription means that the customer is automatically charged and does not have to pay the invoice manually.


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So 12 hours before due date paypal charged customer no invoice was created and it charged his original invoice.  So now 2 payments for original invoice.  When invoice was generated through whmcs it was correct and client paid dates were correct.  I had to run module renew and worked great invoice correct next due date changed.  I think it maybe has to due with gateway.  I have heard paypal has problems with subscriptions.  I am using paypal basic maybe I should use just Paypal the one that just does subscriptions.

I think though that i have decided to make the gateway one time payment.  Product recurring.  This seemed to work good.  Invoice sends customer 5 days ahead (or whatever) if customer pays then he gets another term if not not renewing.  I think maybe less hassle with subscriptions.  Going to try this way on next customer.

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