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  1. This one developed by Brontobytes. Tested to 8.5 One report not working. Emailed them he said needed time to complete it. Not very confinante it will be updated to run 8.6 and php 8.2 He released a module that wasn't complete Dristi Technologies link goes to then forwards to whmcstech.com emailed them no reply Says compatible with 8.1 Neither of the 2 modules have been updated in 2 years
  2. https://github.com/leemahoney3/whmcs-client-credit-view
  3. Is there any refer a friend modules out there? Everything i see is affiliate need link or code. I want one that goes by email/existing user.
  4. Is there any expense module out there? Everything i see is old. thanks
  5. Buy him one. Already had been testing he did make a revision. It doesn't work for user passwords, just the client
  6. https://github.com/leemahoney3/whmcs-client-password-changer
  7. Why don't you use a nulled payment gateway? Payment type says whatever u want like No Payment Required
  8. Yes. I am trying to auto populate custom fields when i select module. So far everything shows up except select options. Of course i can manually add select options but what to auto populate it. So is my code correct for "your device"?
  9. Sorry should have replied back. It is service module. Figured it out. If i change module for that product, on renewal of invoice it will error because ID is not found. I would have to create manually. Not a big deal. Just have to create it manually when close to original renewal date. Currently have 2 different panels and migrating users to new panel.
  10. Wondering if someone can help? I have no idea how to program, I have been going through discussions and looking at current setup so I can try to modify. I have some custom fields in a module...2 work fine they were existing. The 3rd one I created. I can't get Select Options to work from drop down. The rest shows up. Not sure if my code is right either. Any help much appreciated. $username = array( 'fieldname' => $row['custom_field_username'], 'fieldtype' => 'text', 'description' => '(Leave empty if you want system to generate randomly) 8 - 28 Characters in length, NO special characters', 'regexpr' => "/^[a-zA-Z0-9]{8,28}/", 'required' => '', 'showorder' => 'on', 'showinvoice' => 'on', ); $passwordfield = array( 'fieldname' => $row['custom_field_password'], 'fieldtype' => 'password', 'description' => '(Leave empty if you want system to generate randomly) 8 - 28 Characters in length, NO special characters', 'regexpr' => "/^[a-zA-Z0-9]{8,28}/", 'required' => '', 'showorder' => 'on', 'showinvoice' => 'on', ); $yourdevice = array( 'fieldname' => 'Your Device', 'fieldtype' => 'dropdown', 'fieldoptions' => 'Android Box, Firestick', 'description' => 'What device are you using?', 'regexpr' => "", 'required' => 'on', 'showorder' => 'on', 'showinvoice' => 'on', ); $custom_fields = array($row['custom_field_username'] => $username, $row['custom_field_password'] => $passwordfield, 'Your Device' => $yourdevice);
  11. Right on. Thanks. Btw it was working on my previous version 8.?
  12. Hi so I figured i would ask this before i set everything up. I realize if i change the module for a product it won't be a problem for new customers. module will run create For existing customers does renewing invoice go to new module for that product? In which case the module will run a renew and since on new module i would have to do manual create. Am i right on this?
  13. Thanks, Guess I will learn some programming when I have time
  14. Hello, Currently I have a free trial payment gateway. It is just a placeholder. Doesn't make sense If client sees paypal or something on a free trial. My competitors just use the "credit card" payment gateway on free trial. This doesn't make sense to me as i would have to enter cc info before i get a free trial. (i wouldn't do that) Anyway when they upgrade from a free trial to paid, the gateway doesn't change. So they are on a "free trial" gateway and when they upgrade to paid they still are under "free trial" gateway Is there anyway to automatically change to the appropriate gateway after they pay?
  15. Hello, I no if I follow below it limits product to be purchased....they can use product/trial unlimited times. If I set to 2, it will limit the free trial to 2 times. So my question how do I limit how many active trials can be given at once? Example customer orders free trial (now active) I don't want them to order another free trial until product becomes complete or terminated. 1 free trial at a time. Sometimes customer orders a free trial and thinks there is problems so they order another free trial. This causes problems for me. Have limited free trials. Not sure if this is configuration problem or need simple hook thanks Recurring Cycles Limit To limit this product to only recur a fixed number of times, enter the total number of times to invoice (0 = Unlimited)
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