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  1. really this applies to everything to do with daily task schedules. This isn't in real time or near real time
  2. Thanks. I did presumed that. As you probably can tell I am new. I seem to want to now what every tick box is for and how it works. I am like that on everything.
  3. This is my understanding of how it works. Client status is changed @ the next daily task (once per day) My problem is.... for example if the client status is inactive and they create a product lets says 24 hour free trial @ 10:00pm. Daily task schedule is set at 9:00am If admin is in clients/products-service/other services... This is the best place to look at orders. based on these times the client wont become active for 10 hours. and product will end in 13 hours. That's half the life of the product the client is inactive for yes i could check show inactive clients but then it would show all clients. Is there a simply hook out there that can do this? maybe use crons? Not sure about product status if it does the same thing.
  4. thanks. I was hoping for short code on special characters but don't think there is. This is my validation. /^[a-z\d~!@#$%^&*()-_=+[{]};:’”,<.>?|\/\\]{8,16}$/I upper case lower case numbers special characters 8-16 characters long
  5. I would say you are correct. But its not self-explanatory. We are making an assumption. Under both payment types one-time and recurring the billing cycle says "one-time/monthly" billing cycle says one-time. Payment type is set to one-time/monthly. why does it say monthly? This is a one-time payment billing cycle says recurring. Payment type says one-time/monthly. this is recurring (monthly)so why does it say one-time
  6. If you look at this payment type says recurring but billing cycle says "One Time/Monthly" This doesn't really make sense if it is recurring. My guess maybe it is gateway dependent. If it is gateway dependent I am using Paypal How are clients suppose to how that paypal subscribe is recurring and paypal checkout is one time? This shows on screen for maybe 20sec. These buttons are small. At least this module should wait for you to choose before redirecting Pretty pour if you ask me
  7. There are no hook errors hooks in default directory Hooks Debug: Hook File Loaded: /www/wwwroot/mydomain.com/billing/includes/hooks/DailyCronJobOnDemand.php None Admin ID 1 09/20/2022 18:22 Hooks Debug: Hook Defined for Point: AdminAreaHeaderOutput - Priority: 1 - Function Name: (anonymous function) None Admin ID 1 09/20/2022 18:22 Hooks Debug: Attempting to load hook file: /www/wwwroot/mydomain.com/billing/includes/hooks/DailyCronJobOnDemand.php
  8. I know this is the validation code for alpha numeric and underscore 6-28 characters /^[a-z\d_]{6,28}$/i Is there are special code for special characters like (*&^%$#@!><?"; etc. I don't what to have to type them all
  9. No its in default folder. All my other hooks work. Hooks debug doesn't show anything wrong. Using Blend admin theme. See image nothing showing
  10. Anyone now why this hook isn't working. Have latest version of WHMCS. Was working when I first tried on previous version. sorry couldn't paste code wasn't letting me. https://github.com/Katamaze/WHMCS-Action-Hook-Factory/blob/master/hooks/DailyCronJonOnDemand.php
  11. thanks for replies not exactly what i wanted to here
  12. I am having some problems with Lagom theme latest version If I am in client area i get this see below. Expired 12 days ago Date of screenshots Sept 8 It should say Expires in 12 days. In product details this is expiry
  13. Is it possible to give client choose of one-time payment or recurring? I can probably do if i created 2 gateways was was hopping to do it here. Also bellow example is not clear to me that it is recurring thanks
  14. What is the best chat plugin to use with WHMCS? Free looking for integration thanks
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