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WHMS API integration to other system


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Hello there

I have my entire clients on my WHMCS installation...Currently I am testing another software that also provides API documentation for integration, so I am looking to understand how API usually works, as I have have few experience with that, and off course i will need to hire some developer to perform integration.

API works round trip or only for one side 🧐? I mean, (for example). If I add new client on WHMCS API will work and add new client on other platform as well, same for invoice, products and quotes etc?

it is confusing what system will be the reference start point...if WHMCS or new system..Or I need to create my rules and explain that to developer.

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Having clients full clients on different system and remember to make it synchronized sounds a jobs that can cause mistakes...API  is so smart to keep it always synchronized at the background.







Things are getting crazy!🥵 
1- I have WHMCS system
2 - I have account system as WHMCS invoices not allowed official in my country and many more countries.
3 - Now I have a 3rd system as WHMCS and my account system can not cover my entire business daily operation...

PS: I simulate leave, as new system meets our company needs, but other system looses far a way on billing automation as well. 

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You should typically do the following.

Use WHMCS as it is. On a daily or weekly basis export clients, invoices and transactions to your accounting software and try your best to create invoices that makes sense. Good luck at doing it since WHMCS lacks hundreds of billing concepts. Even the most basic. Don't even think about keeping things in sync as WHMCS cannot be trusted when it comes to issuing invoices. Lastly don't use WHMCS API but directly connect to database as API doesn't give you everything you need. In essence lower your expectations and live a happy life.

In an ideal world you should be using WHMCS as your accounting software but before you can do that you need to invest or waste (choose one) years in unrewarding coding doomed with frustration and bugs.

My 2 cent.


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39 minutes ago, UnwilfulExpenditure said:

Moving some stuff away from whmcs has really opened my eyes as to how shocking the financial records are. Although, you should admire the consistancy of them building a system that takes money absolutely fine but fails at other aspects..... Ahh what an ethos

Probably I will move before you. I am already using other system now, for live testing on last 40 days...as I have some owned modules on WHMCS I probably keep using it on tier 250 active clients, branded license bought on reseller with discounts about paying about 14$\month during  until better solutions be available.

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