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18 hours ago, Nanox Devz said:

I would like to know how I can change WHMCS Language name, i have multiples languages English, Portuguese-Br and so on, i want replace language name to country name, for e.g English to USA, Portugue-br to Brazil...


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1 hour ago, Nanox Devz said:

Thanks, but on this article i have only found example of 1 Language, i want for multiples at same time, can you send me the ready made hook

yeah sure cos the entire WHMCS development here is at your beck and call just waiting to spend their time writing hooks for you.... sighs... you're months too late for that to occur. wave-smiley.gif

i'll add another language option to each - all you have to do is just copy the if statements and add how many you need for your languages.


* Change Hindi Language Localised Name
* @author brian!

function locales_hook($vars) {
	$mylocal = $vars['locales'];
	foreach ($mylocal as $key => $value) {
		if ($value["language"] == "english") {
			$mylocal[$key]["localisedName"] = "USA";
		if ($value["language"] == "french") {
			$mylocal[$key]["localisedName"] = "France";
	$activelocale = $vars['activeLocale'];
		if ($activelocale["language"] == "english") {
			$activelocale["localisedName"] = "USA";
		if ($activelocale["language"] == "french") {
			$activelocale["localisedName"] = "France";
	return array("locales" => $mylocal, "activeLocale" => $activelocale);
add_hook("ClientAreaPage", 1, "locales_hook");
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57 minutes ago, Quard said:

Why whmcs using two format of language template?

As i can see two method we can fire same string {$LANG.accountSecurity} and {lang key='accountSecurity'}

What is the latest method?

Latest method is {lang key='accountSecurity'} but both are working as well. It's Smarty new method. You can use whatever you like.

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