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Add Markup for coinbase commerce Gateway

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19 hours ago, BlueAngelHost said:

I am using coinbase commerce , is there a way to add markup for the payments like 1% to 5% during the crypto conversion.

it might be worth taking a look in  Marketplace for 'gateway fee' addons - there are a handful of options in there (free and paid) and they will allow you to add a fee (fixed or percentage) on a per gateway basis.

if any of them are not marked as compatible with your WHMCS installed version, then check with their developers - their addons may well be compatible, but their MP listing not yet updated.

there are coinbase commerce gateways in Marketplace (free and paid), but I don't think any of them have the option you want - though contacting the developer of your existing module might be a option if you want them to add the feature.

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I already use Payment Gateway Charges from Modules Garden and it works fine, but that option add another line in the invoice as Gateway charges and sometime customers don't like that.

But I saw some hosting provider e,g Namecheap they do not mention anywhere that they are charging anything extra for the Crypto payments but they just calculate +5% when converting USD to Crypto.


this functionality is available in Blockonomics plugin so I think if this can be achieved in coinbase commerce plugin as well.

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As a quick solution you could hide that line from viewinvoice.tpl and invoicepdf.tpl based on description (or tblinvoiceitems.relid and tblinvoiceitems.type if possible).

Probably you should also spread the cost of this line (your 5%) over all other existing items. It's simple math. When foreach() invoice items sum its value to your markup / (number of invoice items - 1).

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