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  1. @Brian I already use Payment Gateway Charges from Modules Garden and it works fine, but that option add another line in the invoice as Gateway charges and sometime customers don't like that. But I saw some hosting provider e,g Namecheap they do not mention anywhere that they are charging anything extra for the Crypto payments but they just calculate +5% when converting USD to Crypto. this functionality is available in Blockonomics plugin so I think if this can be achieved in coinbase commerce plugin as well.
  2. Hello, I am using coinbase commerce , is there a way to add markup for the payments like 1% to 5% during the crypto conversion. for example: Blockonomics plugin gives this option https://prnt.sc/12flfmr
  3. the code shows the billing cycle in radio format but the price for the configurable option do not update in the order summary https://prnt.sc/w8ri2w in the above image the billing cycle is set to monthly for a dedicated server which has default RAM of 16 GB which I change to 32GB from the Ram configurable option and the price is +20 for the server, but this price did not updated in summary neither the price updated. so that's why I though the code is from 2017 maybe it is no longer working the current stable release. I checked this with other products also like for shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated server and this is the same for all configurable options. i,e if I buy an IP with the shared hosting, it doesn't add up in the summary neither the price adds up. waiting for your kind reply
  4. @Brian can you please update this code to display billing cycle to display from drop-down to radio, as the code you shared in 2017 in this post is no more working with the latest WHMCS version. thanks in advance
  5. Hi, I check data feeds option but I cannot find any option to display the stock status on my html front website. example : https://prnt.sc/w7sd37
  6. if you don't mind I can try to help you in this issue, contact me on the following email admin@blueangelhost.com
  7. Hello, is there any avangate gateway available for whmcs? if yes kindly guide me
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