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How to add HTML code to get color text on products description


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Ho can I managed to use HTML code to get red text on product description. I searched on google and found some codes, that i have edited it and remove : and used # but no lucky.


So I want to get a red sentences says INSTALLATIONS FEE NOT INCLUDED on my production website, where I am creating an entering online store with specific selected products for segmented potential clients and visitors, and also get my website more attractive for those kind of products that we provide installations.

So far I have this...


But I do not know how to add a color text to work on WHMCS product description🤪

<strong>RECOGNIZE FACES</strong> Face Recognition lets you add an unlimited amount of people to trigger recordings and alerts. Get video recording and alerts when the shape of a person or vehicle is detected in the image.
<strong>POWERFUL DETERRENCE</strong> Spotlight cameras turn the lights on when motion with heat is detected. The built-in speaker lets you talk back and sound an alarm siren to stop crime before it happens.
<strong>SPOTLIGHT COLOR NIGHT VISION</strong> The super bright spotlights turn on with warm activity near the camera, like people & cars. Get color video up to 115ft so you can see the colors of clothing, cars and more.


thank you



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you'll probably have to declare CSS classes for this (or use existing Croster CSS classes if they exist) - using inline CSS would be fine, except those colons will confuse the cart and it will interpret them as feature highlights...

<h1 class="redtext">RED TEXT</h1>


h1.redtext { color: #ff0000 !important}

I suppose you could even go old-skool and use <font color="red"> SOME TEXT </font> if you had to. 🎓

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Thank you @brian! once again!

I get it to work on my front end.


I used on product description this code

<h1 class="produtc-description-redtext">INSTALLATION FEE NOT INCLUDED</h1

and on Croster custom CSS that already exists on admin panel I paste a ccs code, but font size was to big, so I managed to apply css font to.

h1.produtc-description-redtext { color: #ff0000 !important;
font-size: 16px;}


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