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Adding another view to Invoice list?


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I have a client who we do private label work for.  They have a long list of invoices, but to see who each customer this invoice is for, you have to open the invoice - which is a real pain.  - Both on admin and client views.  And what makes it difficult on my end, the funds are ACH, so we have to manually open what we think are the matching invoices to apply the funds. So... Is there any way we can add  another view to the invoice list, that includes a line item, or even just a memo where we can manually add the customer website/ name?  

See screenshot for reference:  ADMIN:  https://prnt.sc/uu450c CLIENT: https://prnt.sc/uu4yt5

Any suggestions,  modules, etc. would be greatly appreciated!!


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15 minutes ago, Greenix said:

So... Is there any way we can add  another view to the invoice list, that includes a line item, or even just a memo where we can manually add the customer website/ name?  

not easily on the admin side re existing pages - you're in the realms of using JavaScript to loop through the table, add a column and fill it with some values... Kian's produced similar hooks in the past, so that's probably one for him.

perhaps another option would be to modify the Invoices report - perhaps using the Invoice Notes feature to store the customer's site/name for each invoice.... though by default, they would be included in the invoice / pdf output, so if you didn't want that to occur, then the notes would need to be removed from the output.

on the client side, it's slightly easier as you have a template and arrays to work with - so there are a to more options available to you.

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5 minutes ago, Greenix said:

We haven't updated to 8.x yet so I am thinking I should wait until we do.

for this specific issue, I don't think it would matter that much whether you're using v7 or v8 - code might alter a little, but not significantly I would have thought.

7 minutes ago, Greenix said:

And where can I find Kian to ask?


... but he's reading this thread as I type... 🙂

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For what is worth, clicking amount reveals invoice items.


The best thing you can do is create a dedicated page from which you can view/filter invoice items. Maybe you could ease the entire process by creating a table with two columns: website & related unpaid invoices.

Injecting "invoice items" column in Billing > Invoices and in Invoices tab (client profile) is also possible but requires a bit of reverse engineering as you need to "read" filters, sort by, asc/desc, current page number, records per page and use it in your custom query. Let me explain.

Let's suppose there are 50.000 invoices on your WHMCS. You are currently looking at Billing > Invoices that shows a maximum of 200 records per page. There's no point in loading invoice items of 50.000 invoices when you only need 200. That's why you need to "read" filters and respect pagination.

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Kian, thanks for your speedy reply as well!! 

Ah, I always have to assume there is something just too easy that I missed.  I could probably compile a book with posts just like this from the last 20 years 😉

So I am thinking maybe your hint for clicking on the amount will suffice for now, as there are only about 30  pending each month.  But I do think your suggestion would be an excellent solution in the near future.  Fingers crossed quadruple these invoices and get back to you sooner than later !! :)

Many Thanks!!

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