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  1. Kian, thanks for your speedy reply as well!! Ah, I always have to assume there is something just too easy that I missed. I could probably compile a book with posts just like this from the last 20 years 😉 So I am thinking maybe your hint for clicking on the amount will suffice for now, as there are only about 30 pending each month. But I do think your suggestion would be an excellent solution in the near future. Fingers crossed quadruple these invoices and get back to you sooner than later !! :) Many Thanks!!
  2. Thanks for that! We haven't updated to 8.x yet so I am thinking I should wait until we do. And where can I find Kian to ask?
  3. Hi brian! I did not even see this notice, sorry for lack of reply :) No addon, just the feature included with WHMCS.
  4. I have a client who we do private label work for. They have a long list of invoices, but to see who each customer this invoice is for, you have to open the invoice - which is a real pain. - Both on admin and client views. And what makes it difficult on my end, the funds are ACH, so we have to manually open what we think are the matching invoices to apply the funds. So... Is there any way we can add another view to the invoice list, that includes a line item, or even just a memo where we can manually add the customer website/ name? See screenshot for reference: ADMIN: https://prnt.sc/uu450c CLIENT: https://prnt.sc/uu4yt5 Any suggestions, modules, etc. would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
  5. Hi All, There is a client IO have that pays via ACH and I credit the funds to their account, via Credit Manager. So I need to have an email alert sent out to them each time a credit has been added. Similar to when creating invoices, adding payments, etc. Is this something I can already do in WHCMS? Or what would it take to make this happen? Thanks in advance for your help!! M
  6. Ah, ok, so I just did it backwards. Makes perfect sense. And yes, don't terminate, just delete. Will do, and many thanks!!!
  7. I feel so neglected Anyone know the answer for the best way to handle this process?
  8. Hi All! So we did a migration from another hosting provider. Created the account in WHM and then imported it into WHMCS, merged it to the account holder in WHMCS. The thing is they had already ordered a hosting plan and now they have 2 hosting plans. I can copy all the info to the imported plan BUT if I delete the first (empty) plan, will that delete the Order, Invoice and Payment transaction along with it? And if so, how to fix this? Thanks in advance for your help
  9. I have the customer setup and then their billing person under Contacts with access to receive emails and pay, etc. Customer doesn't want those emails but I see no way to turn them off at Profile page. What is the best way to handle this? Not sure if I should make the billing person as the main customer Profile - that doesn't seem correct. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  10. That's where it was - I knew those settings where in there somewhere!! To obvious for me I suppose If I disable the Maxmind ( which was enabled) without making code edits, should that do the trick you think?
  11. I couldn't find any settings to disable it at all. Just this one setting: Skip Fraud Check for Existing. But I need to know where/how to disable it completely. thanks!!
  12. We don't use this software for hosting so fraud is not and issue and is blocking everything. Looking all over and need to disable fraud check completely. Thanks in advance for your help
  13. Hi John, I had thought of that, but we need the promo code to track the sale. So I just made a workaround. I created a new product for 2 A items. Then I made a promo code fixed price - reflecting the single item price. Not ideal for a sales pitch, but should work. Thanks! Meredith
  14. Hello! I need to make a promo code so when a customer makes an order for item A, they will get another item A for free. What is the best way to do this? With so many variations, I get a little confused. If it helps... this is mainly for use for sales reps offline so they can give a client an incentivized promo code - and track the sales per rep. Thanks in advance for your help M
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