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12 hours ago, Alien said:

Is there anything in the works for digital downloads for Musicians? I work on website for Musicians and Bands and can see a market for digital downloads so we can sell our music on line using WHMCS.



With WHMCS, you can setup products that have downloads associated with them.

This is useful if you want to offer software, templates or other files for purchasing.

With the download distribution, WHMCS will automatically handle the download permissions and only allow the items to be downloaded by customers that purchase the associated required product and only when that product is active in their account.

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20 hours ago, Alien said:

Hey Brain, I tried to download a MP3 file and I got this error:  (Invalid CSRF Protection Token) you have ant idea what this means?

I created a test MP3 product yesterday and could buy and download it yesterday without issue or any token errors - it's not a generic WHMCS issue, but an issue with your install configuration... there can be multiple causes of a CSRF error.

12 minutes ago, Alien said:

If this cannot be fixed then WHMCS is useless to me.

open a ticket with Support and get advice direct from them - it is what you're paying them for! 🙂

I wouldn't particularly use WHMCS for MP3 downloads - it can do it, but there will be better options out there that were specifically written for the task.

but if you are going to do it in WHMCS, I certainly wouldn't...

  • have an MP3 product require a domain like yours does (???).
  • allow for multiple quantities of an MP3 during purchase (???).
  • insist on using a deprecated "Modern" orderform template that hasn't been updated in years.
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I was able to solve the error problem from some advice on WHMCS that I found on line. THe one that deals with the IP lock. So I got it to work but I could not get it to produce a download file after i paid for the download. And your right there are better programs out there for downloading music. thanks Brain!

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I found the problem why WHMCS  only takes some MP3 files in the download section. even though the PHP ini file is set for 50 MB file upload for some reason WHMCS is not letting a 13 :6 MB file through but it will let a 3.89 MB file through. I have tested and was able to download it. WHMCS needs to fix this problem.

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Well guys the problem was now with WHMCS, their system is working just fine. The problem ended up being how one configures the file and take care that your PHP ini is set to 200 MB so you will not encounter a file size problem. I was able to upload and download both MP4 and MP3 files.

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4 minutes ago, Alien said:

I'll be trying Wav files today but i see no problem just as long as my files size does not exceed 200 MB lol.  

I thought it strange when I saw on the site that they may be wav files - any particularly reason for that format as they're likely to be much larger files than MP3 or even FLAC.

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