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Insufficent funds available to perform transfer. Your available balance is $0.00. You need $9.98 for this transfer.

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I am getting an insufficient funds available error while trying to transfer or complete a transfer order in the WHMCS Admin panel.  I have followed the instructions to connect to 
Marketplace Connect and added funds.  There is sufficient funds displaying in the marketplace connect settings area, but when attempting to perform the domain transfer there is an error. I have already configured and integrated Enom reseller account.  I'm not sure what's going on here. I tried to give credit to the client equivalent to the funds in my account, but 
I still get the same error.  Please help!
Enom / TransferDomain
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Insufficent funds available to perform transfer. Your available balance is $0.00. You need $9.98 for this transfer.
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Bear, Thank you very much! I have already sent WHMCS Support team request for a refund for the deposited funds thinking they were connected.  I attempted several different ways to make payments on the WHMCS dashboard, but was unable to get rid of the error.  I also logged in as customer (myself) and paid the domain transfer through paypal basic gateway. The funds paid went to my paypal business account. 

So you are saying that each application through WHMCS  has its own payment gateway or ways of processing funds? As for Enom, I have to go through their website in adding funds there first then doing a transfer on the WHMCS dashboard?

Thank  you again, this is my first time using this...


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@Thierry Thank you for your post, it's important to note funds added to WHMCS MarketConnect are for use on WHMCS MarketConnect Services, it does not apply to other services such as eNom, in order to use domain registrars you would need to add funds to your account with the domain registrar such as eNom, we do not pass payments from WHMCS to eNom, you need to have a balance with the registrar in order for the domain to register/renew/transfer.  

When your client pays, you will find this money will be sent to you directly via your gateway.

I trust this makes sense, please do feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

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