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GoCardless Payment Status Updates

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Hi All,

We've activated the GoCardless payment gateway - it connects to our GoCardless account correctly, we can import mandates and it processes a payment request through to the gateway correctly from an invoice in WHMCS.

However the status of the payment is then never updated in WHMCS after that point. The payment moves from Created / Submitted / Confirmed / Paid Out correctly in GoCardless but in WHMCS the Transaction History only updates (eventually) on Paid Out - but it hasn't added a Transaction and the invoice is still showing as Payment Pending. It didn't update when the payment was confirmed - therefore the customers domain (in this case) didn't renew as required. Can someone confirm the expected behaviour and timings for GoCardless.



Date Payment Method Transaction ID Amount Transaction Fees  
No Records Found

Transaction History

Date Payment Method Transaction ID Status Description
14/02/2020 05:01 Direct Debit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Pending Automatic Payment Attempt
22/02/2020 07:13 Direct Debit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx paid_out ResERP Ltd. - Invoice #12
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Have been having the exact same issue. Customers can successfully setup payment through GoCardless. Takes a while, but the payment is finally taken like a week or so later. Invoice gets updated with the "paid_out" status, however invoice is still stuck at "Payment Pending".

Running latest version of WHMCS (7.9.2).

Have also spoken directly with GoCardless. Said that everything's fine on their end, so not sure exactly what's happening.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I've not yet found a solution to this.

It's an issue as really the invoice should be marked as paid when the moneys are "Confirmed" in GoCardless - however this status update never seems to make it into WHMCS at all.

Eventually it does show as paid_out (same as you're seeing) but that doesn't seem to trigger anything.

Currently I'm having to manually add the payment - which sort of defeats the purpose of the integration.

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You might have more luck if you use this 3rd party Gocardless module rather than the one shipped with WHMCS:


It allows you to define when an invoice should be marked as "Paid" in WHMCS - either when it is created, submitted, confirmed or paid out. It sounds like the WHMCS module is only trying to mark invoices as paid when they have been "Paid out" in Gocardless.

There's also a handy feature that allows you to initiate the direct debit x days before the due date which is very handy as it stops invoices from going overdue.

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This has been going on for ages since 7.9 for me and I have to manually add a payment on to GoCardless transactions. However it became an issue yesterday because a domain name expired because it not not auto renew because the invoice was still "payment pending" and not "paid". This resulted in the customer being notified that their domain had expired, even though payment had been taken.

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