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Tom Catchesides

Tracking down the cause of Stripe "Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support" error

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We've occasionally seen "Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support" errors from Stripe when customers have tried to add a new card. We've always been able to fix these errors by:

1) Checking their payment method setting (i.e. checking the tblclients.defaultgateway is set to "stripe").

2) Clearing any existing card details and the tblclients.gatewayid field.

However, I'm currently failing to work out why I'm seeing this error when I'm trying to add my own card details to a new, dummy customer record for testing purposes. I'm using the 'credit card information' link in the Blend admin interface, so that rules out any shopping cart template customisations interfering with this. We don't have a /includes/hooks/stripe.php file. Stripe is our default payment gateway.

All I see in the WHMCS gateway log is: UserID => 10244 (screenshot attached, no other information about the attempt apart from the result being "Remote Storage" rather than "Remote Storage Success")

At Stripe's end, their logs for the attempt look identical to those for customers who have successfully added card details.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be failing for my test customer record?

Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 09.02.46.png

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Hi @Tom Catchesides,

The recommended way to create a remote token initially is to login as the client and pay an invoice via the tokanisation gateway (ie. Stripe).

This will create the token and store it in WHMCS for management via the credit card interfaces in both admin and client area.


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