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    SCA compliance vs 7.8 Bugs

    I totally agree: I feel like my company has been forced into doing this update way before it's ready, and we're suffering from a couple of Stripe-related bugs that are hurting our customer relationships.
  2. FYI, WHMCS have acknowledged the problem via my support ticket and say that they're working on a fix. Case number MODULE-7114 .
  3. The description in Stripe is fine for us. It's the statement descriptor that's a serious problem. I've attached screenshots of what I see in our Stripe dashboard for a charge made this week compared to one made last month with WHMCS 7.6.
  4. I submitted a support ticket about this a couple of hours ago but am hoping that someone might be able to answer this more quickly here. We upgraded to WHMCS 7.8.2 at the weekend to ensure compliance with SCA via WHMCS's own Stripe gateway. Since then, the statement descriptors on our customers' bank statements read "FALSE" for regular subscription payments. I'm obviously concerned that this is going to lead to unnecessary chargebacks. We haven't changed any settings at the Stripe end and have a default statement descriptor set on there. In WHMCS, the statement descriptor is set to "{CompanyName}" and our company name field is set. Has anyone else seen this problem with WHMCS 7.8 and Stripe? Does anyone have any ideas for workarounds?
  5. Tom Catchesides

    Stripe Elements & 3D Secure - Feedback & Support

    Thanks for all of this information, Andrew. Do you know whether WHMCS recurring payments will at least be flagged as merchant-initiated transactions so that Stripe can ask for the necessary SCA exemptions and make it less likely that a payment will require further authentication? I (and I'm sure many other business owners) are concerned about the number of subscribers that we might lose if recurring payments start failing regularly.
  6. Tom Catchesides

    Stripe Elements & 3D Secure - Feedback & Support

    Thanks for giving us access to this beta: I'll be spending next week updating our custom templates to integrate the new Stripe changes. How will the introduction of SCA affect existing subscriptions in our WHMCS setup? Assuming that we're using WHMCS 7.8 by the 14 September launch date for SCA, new customers will be entering their card details and setting up subscriptions via Stripe Elements and I assume that the combination of WHMCS and Stripe will apply the relevant exemptions to recurring payments. (but please correct me I've my assumption is wrong!) However, what about all of our existing customers who are already paying via Stripe in our WHMCS installation? Is the combination of WHMCS 7.8 and Stripe going to ensure that their recurring payments carry on as before with no interference from SCA? Or can we expect any problems with existing subscribers from 14 September?
  7. We've occasionally seen "Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support" errors from Stripe when customers have tried to add a new card. We've always been able to fix these errors by: 1) Checking their payment method setting (i.e. checking the tblclients.defaultgateway is set to "stripe"). 2) Clearing any existing card details and the tblclients.gatewayid field. However, I'm currently failing to work out why I'm seeing this error when I'm trying to add my own card details to a new, dummy customer record for testing purposes. I'm using the 'credit card information' link in the Blend admin interface, so that rules out any shopping cart template customisations interfering with this. We don't have a /includes/hooks/stripe.php file. Stripe is our default payment gateway. All I see in the WHMCS gateway log is: UserID => 10244 (screenshot attached, no other information about the attempt apart from the result being "Remote Storage" rather than "Remote Storage Success") At Stripe's end, their logs for the attempt look identical to those for customers who have successfully added card details. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be failing for my test customer record?
  8. Tom Catchesides

    POP3 Connection Error

    It seems to be random for our installation. Some days we get no notifications, others it’s more like 20 over the course of a day. I had wondered whether it could have anything to do with other uses for the relevant email account (e.g maximum number of logins over a certain period) but we sometimes get notifications overnight when that’s much less likely.
  9. Tom Catchesides

    POP3 Connection Error

    Thanks, John! I might have misunderstood your reply but I turned off the 'Display Errors' option in Setup > General Settings > Other tab, but I'm still receiving "POP3 Connection Error" emails from WHMCS 7.6.0. To be clear, our POP3 email import works well the vast majority of the time, but these notification emails reveal that it intermittently fails. I agree that being notified if support email import has catastrophically failed is a very good thing, but if it fails 1% of the time then that's really not a big deal for us.
  10. Tom Catchesides

    POP3 Connection Error

    We upgraded to WHMCS 7.6.0 yesterday and have received about eight of these "POP3 connection error" emails since then. This didn't happen before the upgrade. Our email import cron job is working well most of the time, and if just one or two import runs fail then that's not too big a deal. If WHMCS thinks it needs to notify us when there's a problem fetching emails, perhaps it could be configured so that it will only do so if the last X imports have failed?
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