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Is there a way or SQL to search for that?


Eg. we want to search for a list of services which have the value of certain Configurable Option.

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SQL query:

SELECT `tblhosting`.id FROM `tblhosting` left join tblhostingconfigoptions on tblhosting.id = tblhostingconfigoptions.relid where tblhostingconfigoptions.id = 1;

Just replace the id for the configuration id you are interested in.  You can get that id via the configurable options editor's URL -- cid=1.

An addon module that grabs the configurable options and provides a search would be much easier.  For that you would use capsule:

$Services = DB::table('tblhosting')
            ->join('tblhostingconfigoptions', 'tblhosting.id', '=', 'tblhostingconfigoptions.relid')
            ->select('tblhosting.*', 'tblhostingconfigoptions.qty')
            ->where('tblhostingconfigoptions.id', 1)

And just replace the "1" with your module's search box input. 

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