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  1. Thank you! Did a few research and analysis. WHMCS Ticket system and Livechat although sufficient, seems to be like a step down from Kayako hosted. If based on this, it is better to get a working Loginshare for Kayako and WHMCS 8.1, but that is a problem for now.
  2. One thing I notice is WHMCS own live chat is self hosted, so that might be better than tawk.to..? Any opinion?
  3. Thanks all. Since tawk.to and native livechat do not have much difference, maybe we will go with tawk.to (even though we can have buy owned whmcs livechat license) Seems like going ahead in order to support WHMCS 8.1, we have to do away with Kayako sadly.. which we spent thousand of dollars on subscription mode then stopped due to lack of updates.
  4. Does tawkto integrates into WHMCS database? (with ticket system and registered users?)
  5. I got a feeling tawk.to is much better choice than native live chat addon? Is whmcs able to track live chats history of registered users? Or only tickets?
  6. Hi, As Kayako is no longer supported on WHMCS 8.0 onwards, we are planning for a change of ticket system and chat system. For support system, it is possible to use WHMCS one. But what about live chat system? What will be a comparable good one which can be used with WHMCS, and can be integrated with WHMCS and its support system as well?
  7. Seems like impossible for this? If anyone or developer is able to do it for a development fee, do let us know. Thank you! As it is quite troublesome to maintain two different login system for customer.
  8. Hi, Is anyone using, or is able to help develop a Loginshare for WHMCS 8.1 to be used with Kayako? Since the one with WHMCS 7 no longer works.
  9. Hi All, Is there any significant features in WHMCS 8.0 which warrants a strong upgrade? Seems like to avoid going into multiple accounts and confusion for customers, it is to stick to current latest WHMCS 7.10? Until there is no choice but to upgrade? Unless WHMCS 8.0 has a function to disable mutil user account feature completely?
  10. Hi All, We are reviewing the multi-user functionality before we upgrade to WHMCS 8.0. However as hosting provider, with majority of customers just need a single login details, having multiple login seems redundant and seems more like a confusion. Nevertheless it benefits cases which a customer represent multiple entities (but that is very minority). Or for web agencies handling for multiple customers. But the fact is even for web agencies, they will find this multi user feature useless, since they handle their end customers directly at their end and WHMCS is more like just a billing system used to bill them. So is this multi-user feature in WHMCS still a benefit for most of you?
  11. Yes, however in WHMCS, there is this menu link to go directly to resolved: whmcs/serverstatus.php?view=resolved If there is no easy way, maybe I will use htaccess to ensure all options goes to serverstatus.php only.
  12. Hi, Is there a simple way to hide resolved server status? I am thinking if there is a way to force it so it goes to serverstatus.php?view=open only.
  13. Hi! Okay seems like nobody has tried yet.. 😞
  14. haha. Anyone has tried to confirm if it still works? Or have any solution to keep it working.. at least for the near future?
  15. Hi, https://docs.whmcs.com/Kayako It mentioned: Module DeprecatedThis module is depreciated and is no longer distributed as of WHMCS version 8.0. However some of us may still need to use Kayako with WHMCS. Can we continue to use the Loginshare module in WHMCS 8.0?
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