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  1. Hi, Yes, that's the thing. We will have to give up our owned ModuleGarden licenses sadly.. And transiting our customers who are tied to WHMCS Marketplace services.
  2. Hi, I think WHMCS will still be supported and developed next few years. Companies don't go down immediately. So it might be safe for those to still stay on next 2-3 years. However going beyond that, WHMCS might not be the leading platform anymore with hosting companies are in the midst of shifting out already since the announcement. Their developers most likely will be reduced by then.
  3. In a way, billing by number of customers you have, is the best way for them to get revenue.
  4. Hi, Sigh.. I don't know what to say? There is no warning at all. Terrible to be treated in such manner.
  5. Hi, We are still looking for Kayako loginshare for WHMCS 8.1. For those using SupportPal, how do you integrate the live chat? Since from what I see, SupportPal only integrate the ticket support system.
  6. Yes you are right. This is how dumb the WHMCS MC is. We have activated that previously but disabled it. So now I just have to delete them away manually.. -_-
  7. Yep there is no hook affecting this. Seems to be a bug. Even more, there is bug for the order of the addons. As we realised it was sorted (customer's display) based on the ID instead of showorder. Sigh. Anymore removing the MC's unused addons fixed the problem.
  8. thanks Brian! Yes it is really very strange, even in tbladdons, all these not-used marketconnect services also has "hidden" set to 1. But they are still being show to customers as add-on.
  9. It is too tedious to remove all the MarketConnect product addons which we don't use. Is it safe to remove all product addons which are generated by MarketConnect if we don't use them?
  10. Hi, This is very strange. We did not enable SiteLock or CodeGuard in WHMCS MarketConnect. In the WHMCS Add-ons, these are also set to "Hideen". But the strange thing is when logging as customers, they still can select these as add-ons for the services. Please help!
  11. What should we do now? We are so screwed by this, they didn't say upgrade is required for security patch.. now there is no way back if you have updated? Is it only backend blocked out for now?
  12. Hi, This is bad, I have thought that security update should be provided free for supported non EOL version. But even for 7.10 after applying the patch, it complained active support need to be there? Isn't security updates should be allowed since there is no new features etc?
  13. Still looking for someone who is able to modify the loginshare to use with WHMCS 8.1.
  14. Thank you! Did a few research and analysis. WHMCS Ticket system and Livechat although sufficient, seems to be like a step down from Kayako hosted. If based on this, it is better to get a working Loginshare for Kayako and WHMCS 8.1, but that is a problem for now.
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