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  1. jacksony

    Addon SSL option for Hosting Services

    Hi Brian, 1. For the domain add-on, your method is very creative. This is indeed what we wanted. We will wait a while more to see if it will be implemented in the 8th year 😄 Reason is integration is always better than customization, which can be broken in the future due to new updates. 2. For the product add-on module option, let's say the add-on is a cPanel hosting ontop of an existing service (Cloud Server), I'm wondering how can WHMCS provision this add-on cPanel hosting automatically? Reason is I didn't see anywhere during order form which it ask for userid or password for the add-on cPanel option. Does it mean further customization is needed, in order to provision add-on cPanel hosting as an add-on?
  2. jacksony

    Addon SSL option for Hosting Services

    Hi, Is it possible to add add-on additional option for domain registration? Like a "3rd Party DNS Hosting Service"? I understand there is "DNS Managment" option available already, but that is more for DNS management from registrar. But we want to have our own option to offer our own DNS hosting service. Also, I notice "Add-on option" has "Module Settings" under it. Does it mean it is possible to provision a "cPanel Hosting" as an add-on?
  3. jacksony

    Addon SSL option for Hosting Services

    Thanks Brian, I will take your suggestion and maybe just add the more popular choice as addon.
  4. jacksony

    Addon SSL option for Hosting Services

    Thanks Brian, Understood. Then it is not the ideal we wanted, because by doing so, there will be duplicate of the same SSL products (one as addon and one under product and services) which is not what we wanted.
  5. jacksony

    Addon SSL option for Hosting Services

    Hi Brian! We do not need an auto provisioned SSL module. What we are offering is SSL products as products and services. But we want an easy way to offer them as add-on during hosting sign up. Is there a way for us to do that?
  6. I remembered the option to disable "Hide inactive client" totally, when searching for results, will be implemented in whmcs 7.8. Anyone has any idea how can I do that?
  7. jacksony

    Addon SSL option for Hosting Services

    Hi, but we want to sell our own SSL. Any such module we can do that?
  8. Hi, Anyone has any recommendation/plugins which we can use, to display add-on SSL options for customer, when they are ordering our hosting services?
  9. Hi, I understand the "DNS Management" addon for domain is to provide DNS hosting from the domain registrar for the purchased domain. However we want to have another add option available at the domain order screen, to offer 3rd party standalone DNS hosting (besides the DNS management option from registrar). Anyone knows of any way or plugin/modules which we can use to achieve our purpose?
  10. Yes sadly still waiting for this feature. Customer should have control to set auto deduct themselves. Most do not prefer to have this enabled as they want to choose their own card and do not want to auto-deduct for services which they forgot to cancel.
  11. Hi, I see. But this doesn't work because some customers still prefer auto cc enabled. Meaning customers still do not have the option at front end to enable or disable auto CC after they added CC right?
  12. Usually when customer adds a credit card in WHMCS, WHMCS will auto deduct their invoices automatically using their stored credit card. So we have to manually set all customers' accounts to disable auto deduction by default when they sign up. Is this still the same case currently? As we don't want customer to be auto deducted by default.
  13. Hi, Due to our customers' preference to have auto CC deduction disabled by default (after adding their CC), we have to write a hook to disable that by default. May we know with WHMCS 7.8, is the behavior still the same? Eg. their cc will be auto deducted if they have added their CC in the system?
  14. jacksony

    Show all customers instead of hiding

    Thanks! 😞

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