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  1. Thanks for the explanation. But the concern is, if WHMCS takes the transaction fee which is based on full amount, then it will mean inaccurate data in WHMCS. Since the transaction fee captured in WHMCS should be the nett amount taking to be effect of the credit?
  2. Hi, 1. hard to get my point across to WHMCS team. 2. further more our support just expired, think even to submit a bug is difficult.
  3. Thanks have reported it. Will see what WHMCS says.
  4. I want to confirm if anyone face such an issue first? As if it is a bug, and using credit and stripe seems to be common among some of us, it can't be only us being affected by this bug. Anyone can confirm or WHMCS side can verify before we submit a bug report?
  5. Yes this is confirmed. Previously there was no such issue. The reason we detected because we are doing accounts recon. The transaction fee is higher, but a second line of transaction in Stripe report actually refunds the credit and credit the fee, making it right actually. But thr problem is this second line is not reflected in WHMCS transation, therefore making it "unbalanced" if you try to recon the transaction.
  6. Thanks Brian, As usual, sad that it seems to be only us again, facing such issue. But yes, it is an absurb issue. eg: setting compulsory fields for custom fields for domains, but ended up, causing default domain fields (deactivated) to throw errors due during domain transfer.
  7. Hi, I discovered this month, while we are closing accounts, there is a change in how Stripe/WHMCS works with Credit, and makes the WHMCS reporting wrong. When customer in WHMCS use a credit to settle partial payment, what I'm seeing is Stripe deduct the full amount first, charge fee based on this amount. Then there will be a 2nd transaction which refunds the credit amount and the transaction fee charged in the 1st transaction for this credit. However this cause mistake in WHMCS transation and thus, its reporting. As WHMCS ONLY capture the original amount and the Stripe fee charged for this ORIGINAL amount. It does not record the refunded transaction fee (due to the amount offset by credit in WHMCS). How can we fix this?
  8. Hi all, For a domain extension eg. .com.XXX, we have already use additonal fields to remove the default fields for it. We noted the default fields for .com.XXX has 2 required fields for it. For the 2 custom fields we have added for .com.XXX, if we did not make the fields compulsory, there is no issue for domain registration and domain transfer. However, once we set '"Required" => true,' for for these custom fields, the strange thing is for domain transfer, it suddenly displayed error saying that the required fields for the DEFAULT fields is missing. However it shouldn't be there since it was removed initially already. There is no issue for domain registration if '"Required" => true,' is set for the 2 custom fields. This seems to be an obvious bug? Since if the default fields are removed, it should not be referenceing to default fields at all (as displayed by the error when we tried to transfer domain with compulsory custom fields). Or is there any thing we have missed out for custom fields?
  9. Thanks for answering the same question many times. Is there a way to check if it works? Instead of waiting for the 1200am for the whmcs cron to run?
  10. Hi, We have a strange problem. Our setting in WHMCS is to run cron at 00:00 hours. Our server is on +8 GMT. I'm realising the Cron Report/Summary is sent out at 08:00 +GMT instead of 00:00 +8 GMT. Is this a bug?
  11. Hi, Since the update, we have receiving many errors from Stripe with the error below. Anyone faces this? Stripe Error 402 /v1 PhpBindings/6.43.1 WHMCS/7
  12. Hi, with the bug fix, there is another bug. I realised in the WHMCS statistics, all units are in GB, which makes the value wrong. Is there a hot fix for it?
  13. Hi, It turns out it is really a bug. Finally fixed after seeing many customers complaining about it in community. CORE-14208 - Include all subaccount disk and bandwidth usage into resellers' Usage Billing
  14. Hi, It doesn't seem correct. As even for reseller account under reseller's itself, WHMCS will only consider the main reseller's account usage in calculation. Should be the normal due to structure of cPanel.
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