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  1. Dear All, I know this has been mentioned autorelease cannot assign server group/server, but it make no sense as many people are using autorelease module to automate task to add to to-do list. If that is not possible, how are you guys getting around this? For product/services without a provisioning module, but you need to be able to allocate different server from the server group to the same service which you have? Please help support this request. https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/reenable-autorelease-module-for-servers
  2. Is there such an add-on/module available? Yes it is pretty irritating. We need functions like AutoRelease (to generate termination etc to-do list), and availble to assign which server each service belongs to, since there may be different type of server.
  3. Is there a way or SQL to search for that? Eg. we want to search for a list of services which have the value of certain Configurable Option.
  4. Hi! We are using Auto Release to auto run actions like to add to do list when doing suspend and terminate action. It does not affect the flow. But just that if we use Auto Release module, we cannot assign a server to the service. Is there something which is not done correctly?
  5. Hi, We are having a problem here to mail out notifications using WHMCS to the correct group of users. Let's say we have a service plan "Cloud Hosting", but for this service, we actually have different platform (assigned server), eg. Dell Vmware, HP Vmware. As WHMCS does not have ability to assign server to a hosting service anymore, what is the available ways we can do, so we can use the Mass Tools, to sell to customers on the Dell Vmware platform only?
  6. Hi, The problem is we are using Auto Release module (in cloud server products) previously. But now because of the change in WHMCS previously, we are not able to select any "server group" if the product is set to auto release. Any solution to this? Basically we just want to be able to assign a server for every cloud service under its "Product/Service".
  7. Hi, You can only assign server for a shared hosting. Other than that, all other services like cloud or dedicated, you cant assign a server to it. And that makes it hard for Mass Mail notification to the correct group of servers.
  8. jacksony

    Using 3rd Party KB

    Hi, We are using third party KB (Kayako) and using Kayako ticket system. Can someone point us the template to change, or if there is an easy way, for us to modify, so that the KB section will point to our Kayako's one directly?
  9. jacksony

    Using 3rd Party KB

    Thanks for sharing the link. For now to keep things simple we will just leave the ticket count as it is. That was a while back already, may or may not work. And further more, don't think we can get much support from Kayako from the integration nowadays.
  10. jacksony

    Using 3rd Party KB

    Thanks bear, I tested. It works like a charm! Now we are lessening the integration, as we reported to Kayako about KB integration issue, but until 2 weeks, there is no assistance from them. So we have to take it completely off the integration. Unfortunately, ticket count in customer whmcs is always zero, as their integration does not integrate that.
  11. jacksony

    Using 3rd Party KB

    Thanks bear for sharing the code. Let me try it out to see if it will direct to Kayako KB!
  12. Hi, We have set default not to auto deduct customer when they have a credit card stored in Stripe. However, is there a module or way to enable customer control whether to enable such auto deduction instead of requesting manually from us?
  13. jacksony

    Huge amount of fake accounts

    Still very buggy. The issue is customer face this "complete order" does nothing at their end but we cannot replicate it. Although there is the recaptcha graphic at bottom right at their checkout, but it does not prompt for manual recaptcha verification or other thing. This mostly happen few cases already when customer is using credit card stripe checkout. Hope there can be improvement to this.
  14. jacksony

    Huge amount of fake accounts

    Hi, We have confirmed there is problem with using the invisible_recaptcha. All is good until customer reached the final page to click on the "Complete Order". When the invisible recaptcha is enabled, when customer click on "Complete Order", it is only clickable and does no action. I have tested and set it back to default captcha, and all is working good again. Anyone got solution to this?
  15. jacksony

    Domain Matrix - Show All

    Can you advise how is it possible for us to by default, select all categories to show all pricing in the matrix, when someone visit the domain checker page?
  16. Thank you everyone. We are still reviewing and will get back to you shortly!
  17. Hi, We are looking for experienced company or developers to integrate our WHMCS to a domain registry backend, to process customers' domains registration/renewal/changes/dns updates through WHMCS frontend. Please let us know if any company/anyone is possible to offer this service.
  18. Dear All, May I know if all of you have experiences working with SG registry (integrating for WHMCS)? As it may be more difficult if you don't know.
  19. Thanks for your replies. We will contact each of you individually to get the get quote/solution for our registrar implementation.
  20. That is correct. After the update, some clients are facing "remote transaction failure". Please fix this too.
  21. Hi, The whmcs root domain is http://www.abc.com. def.com is a Alias/parked domain. We have setup a htaccess (outside root) to redirect https://www.def.com to https://www.def.com/billing/cart.php?a=add&domain=register We can see it is being redirected, however, due to some inbuilt htaccess in WHMCS, when it reached https://www.def.com/billing/cart.php?a=add&domain=register, it was redirected back to https://www.abc.com/billing/cart.php?a=add&domain=register, which is not what we want. Is there anyway we can stop that redirection from whmcs?
  22. jacksony

    htaccess being affected from whmcs

    Hi! The redirection for the alias/parked domain from https://www.def.com to https://www.def.com/billing/cart.php...omain=register is confirmed to be working. However what we are seeing is WHMCS seems to have internal htaccess/redirection, as it was redirected back to https://www.abc.com/billing/cart.php...omain=register . So we want to know how can we stop or modify that default behavior from WHMCS.
  23. Wow! You are a life saver! +1 to you!
  24. Hi! Can someone advise how can we use hook to change title of a page? We want to change for cart.php?a=add&domain=register. The code below should work (although it is for all cart pages, although we want it for domain pages only), but don't.. <?php function hook_setpagetitle($vars){ if ($vars['filename']=='cart'){ $pagetitle = "Domain Name Registration"; } return array("pagetitle" => $pagetitle); } add_hook("ClientAreaPage", 1, "hook_setpagetitle");
  25. jacksony

    Domain Matrix - Show All

    Thanks so much! That is exactly what we need. Hope they look into better UI for visitors to the domain page. The reason we need this is because the matrix is buggy. Although we selected ALL category, it did not show pricing for some of the domains. Which is not ideal as customer may think the domain is not available.

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