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Upgrade/downgrade price issue


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22 hours ago, Zabwino1865 said:

it's not a error the prices aren't correct

as Chris said, screenshots of the cart would be useful here as that should show if the price is correct (even if it's being adjusted for pro-rata billing) - telling us the prices are 'wrong' is no help if we can't see what the prices are for ourselves and just whether the shown prices are incorrect.

if i'm looking at your website, you seem to have monthly pricing breakdown enabled and so it's showing a monthly price on the Products page (e.g $10 per month) and then when added to the cart, it's showing it as $120 annually - which would be correct.



two other unusual things that I spotted on that site is that they've duplicated the same product for 1/2/3 years... you could just have it as one product, with prices for each yearly cycle - there is no need for 3 identical products with their own billing cycle... it's your choice though if you prefer to have them available separately like that.

also, I assume that you've upgraded to WHMCS v7.6, but are using an old custom template - because all of the FontAwesome icons are missing... using an old custom template with a newer WHMCS version can cause issues.

as I said previously, with regards to upgrades/downgrades, we'd need to see an example screenshot to see if the prices are really 'wrong' - but chances are they're just following the formula shown in the documentation.

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16 hours ago, Zabwino1865 said:

ok here is a screen shot of a customer of the upgrade screen, the customer is on my HTTP plan @ $10 a month/$120 a year and wants to upgrade to HTTPS/3 year which is $15 a year plan.

well those prices are wrong to begin with - the customer is currently on a $10 a month/$120 a year (paid Annually), and wants to upgrade to HTTPS/3 year which is $13.61 monthly/$490 3yr (paid every 3 years).

so if we use the formula from the documentation link that I gave you yesterday and do a rough calculation based on your prices...


Old Product/Service
Price Per Day * Number of days until next due date = Amount Credited

New Product/Service
Price Per Day * Number of days until next due date = Amount Debited

Total Payable Today = Amount Debited - Amount Credited

  • Amount Credited = ((120/365)*353) = $116.05
  • Amount Debited = ((490/(365*3))*353) = $157.96
  • Total Payable Today = $157.96 - $116.05 = $41.91 <- which is exactly the same as WHMCS calculated for the upgrade cost.

if the customer had chosen the equivalent HTTPS for 1 year product, then they would have paid $58.03 for the upgrade.

one important line that you may have missed from the above documentation is during an upgrade/downgrade... "The next due date doesn't change." - so they're not paying for an additional 2 years in the upgrade, they're paying the difference between what they would have paid for one product, compared to another - but the original order period doesn't change... so in 353 days time, instead of getting a renewal invoice for $120 annually; they'll get a renewal invoice for $490 to cover the following three years.

so long story short - WHMCS is giving your customer the correct price for the upgrade selected.

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  • 3 years later...


We are getting issue with upgrade price.

We have two plans. Plans A is annual and Plan B is One time (life time).

Plan A price is 169 and Plan B price is 650. Customer has left 181/365 days. But when he trying to pay then it is showing only need to pay 238.52.

For plan A customer paid us $169 and he almost used it for half of year. So remaining amount is around 80-85 for 181 days.

So, Plan B price is 650 and it should be 650-85. Don't know WHMCS how calculating it and making only 238.52.

Below calculation is according to your formula.  https://docs.whmcs.com/Automated_Upgrades_and_Downgrades#How_it_works

Total Paid for plan A: 169.
Per day price :  0.46
Remaining Amount:  0.46*181 days = 83.26

New product Price: 650
Per day Price: 1.78
Remaining Amount: 1.78*181 = 322.18

So total: 322.18 - 83.26 = 238.92. 

Above calculation is according to your formula. 

But now customer is paying for one time. So in that case calculation is wrong.

According to your formula customer just need to pay for remaining 181 days even product is one time.

Note. There was not any promocode applied with existing product order.


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