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Office 365 Junking Invoices

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we have noticed recently that Office 365/Hotmail/Livemail has been sending invoices form our WHMCS system to Junk for a lot of clients

our network range and IP's are not in any spam or rbl lists, and all other emails seem to be unaffected.

DKIM and SPF and PTR for our install are all correct.

is anyone else having this sort of issue or aware of what could be causing this.

could it be the PDF attachment or the length or lack thereof or content of the invoice email causing it perhaps?

really keen to find a solution but cant seem to identify the specific cause.

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The trouble is that Microsoft run their own internal RLB/Spam filter list which you can't lookup against.

The only thing you can do is look at the mail headers and see what the report stats about what it thinks is wrong.

I did back along find a good blog post about all of this but could not find the same one. I did find this one though which is more spam blocking related but the same type of thing applies



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@theozsnowman Are you using Office 365 yourself by chance?  I use this personally and am not seeing my invoices going into Junk.  I dug out some information I had a while ago from https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/office365/SecurityCompliance/submit-spam-non-spam-and-phishing-scam-messages-to-microsoft-for-analysis might be worth sending those emails to the team to investigate

Use email to submit false positive messages
Use the same procedure as described in the "Use email to submit junk (spam) or phishing scam messages to Microsoft ," but send the message to not_junk@office365.microsoft.com.

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