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  1. redit

    Customize ClientArea

    Hi Imaran, First of all are you sure that this is the correct version you are using as this is a Release Candidate and should not be used in production. Any way to answer your question, you would need to create a Page Hook https://docs.whmcs.com/Client_Area_Navigation_Menus_Cheatsheet gives the details of what you are trying to do. However, here is an example on how to remove the 'Network Status' from the top menu bar: <?php if (!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar', 1, function(MenuItem $primaryNavbar) { $primaryNavbar->removeChild('Network Status'); }); This should be saved in the includes/hooks/ folder with a .php extension.
  2. @Grizzlyware Josh Thank you for sharing Josh. Although I have no direct need for this right now I can see a use in the future that we are looking at.
  3. Thanks I was going to try that next (if I remember) I'll let another payment go through as I have one due in a day or two then I'll give it ago and let you all know.
  4. @jeffuk How did you do this? I've added a htaccess rule and as it happened I had a PayPal payment come in which I did manually as it still didn't match up. I must admit, I forgot I'd added the rule but it still didn't work as I would have expected. The rule I added was simply as below: Redirect /modules/gateways/callback/paypal.php https://www.redit.co.uk/portal/ No in the server logs of both the web server (where the redirect is) and on the WHMCS box (now separate) I can see that the paypal.php file has been accessed by PayPal IPN. I don't clam to be any good at .htaccess rules but I would have thought this would have worked.
  5. redit

    Error when editing products

    Glad to here it. Don't forget to turn debug off again though.
  6. Your more than welcome. I took a while to write I can tell you, its one of those that you know what your saying but you can't explain it very well. Glad it helped though.
  7. Do you need more than one eMail address listed in your PayPal settings? For example if you used to use payme_my_name@google.com and now want to use paypal@mydomain.com you can add both of these into PayPal. So the one that you list first will become your primary address for payments (the one that PayPal will also use to notify you) and anything after that separated by a comma will still receive payments for you.
  8. redit

    Domain .co.ao

    As @brian! has said looks like there is no public WHOIS database available: https://www.iana.org/domains/root/db/ao.html
  9. redit

    Error when editing products

    Can you please turn on debug via the Settings section and then post the output once you have tried again. This will help us narrow down what has gone wrong.
  10. redit

    Stripe Changes

    Well we can at least hope to have a release by September, two would just be spoiling us.
  11. Oh I wonder if that could be it for me too then. So much time has passed I don't know if this customer setup on the old URL. I might see if I can do a HTML redirect to see if it resolves the problem.
  12. redit

    Stripe Changes

    I've had the same eMail. As WHMCS now have the Strip module built into the product I would expect that they would already know of this and be working on it for the next release which now also gives us a deadline for when we can expect a release by.
  13. I'll always try to help if I can, in this case I'm at a bit of a loss but there are others on here who know the system better than me (not hard). I would point out that this is a community of WHMCS users and not the main support channel. That said, they do pop in every now and again but you should not expect a direct reply here from them. Although you could always tag either @WHMCS John or @WHMCS ChrisD as they are normally around and can help point you in the right direction.
  14. redit

    WHMCS and Microsoft Pay

    Correct MS Pay is US based only (I did have to Google to check I was right, just like the Zune player 😉 ) I doubt anyone would write a module for a gateway that is so limited in it user base (at the moment) if this changes though I would expect to see one then from a third party development team.
  15. redit

    Won't work invisible ReCaptcha

    Hi @messir Can you detail exactly what you did to create a new template. Might be able to point you in the right direction after that.

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